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Why Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best Android based Smartphone?

There was the time when people talk about mobile phone technology and time had come when black and white hand sets are looked very precious to them and a time had come when people started to talk about a mobile with camera and there was a time when people talk about the mobile with the facility of Wi-Fi and today mobile have become smart.

One thing is very similar from the very beginning of mobile phone era and that is Samsung is the best mobile phone makers of all the time rather it is a black n white hand set or the smart phone of today.

samsung galaxy s3


Samsung are the best hand set makers of all time, Number 2 in all over the mobile phone making business. People love to buy and use Samsung because of its great handling easy to use and lots of features that people love to have in there mobile phone.

Samsung galaxy s3 is one of them Generated Designed and marketed by Samsung electronics. It is the third in Samsung galaxy family. It is the Android based technology Android 4.0.4 based operated system to be exact. It is the multi-touch smart phone that’s not all to its technology it can also updated from 4.0.4 to 4.1. It comes down with one of the very unique technology that is wireless charging option.

It was released at 29th of May 2012 in almost 28 countries all around the globe and at very end of July it is released almost 150 countries of the world. In its first 100 days of release more the 20 million copies of Samsung Galaxy s3 sold all around the world. It is just so very famous in people that technology commentators consider it to be I-Phone killer. Huge race in the smart mobile is going on now or days and it seem that Samsung galaxy is leading them all. Samsung galaxy s3 is a huge boost in over all Samsung treading market. It definitely is the best of them all that Samsung has made so far.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs:

Samsung it very good in making of design, Galaxy S3 proves it. it have very sleek design and beautiful outlook that make it very unique from it over all look. It is about 136.6mm long, 70.7mm wide and 8.4mm thick phone. It comes down with ice-cream sandwich vision of android that is generated by Google.

SIII Display Camera:

Moreover it comes with at-least 2GB of RAM.16, 32 GB of internal storage and 64 GB of potential total of 128GB.Display measures120 mm only the third largest in the world, with a 720p resolution. Camera is very much similar to that of Samsung galaxy 2 that is 1080p. 900 hours of amazing stand by and 21 hours of talk time make it very unique smart phone and it really full-filling the definition of smart phone.

It also has the facility to connect the mobile via internet from Wi-Fi USB or Bluetooth. It also helps us to download the Google application save it and share it. Very nice mobile phone when t comes down to the business use. It makes it really very easy to stay connected to your loved ones. It is also very famous in social media web lovers.

Samsung Galaxy s3 is simply the best mobile made by Samsung it is the saying of technology critics all around the world they just simply love to use that technology.

Author Bio:My name is Umar Rashid; love to write on latest gadgets and technology news. Review more about Best Android Games & Samsung Galaxy Games, One stop shop of tech and gaming.

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