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Why Mac Apps Subscription Model is Gaining Popularity?

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch

There are many reasons for choosing the subscription model for Mac apps. While Apple has allowed developers more flexibility in adding their apps with a subscription model on its app marketplace, choosing single app subscription can seem to be more expensive than a one-off purchase. While Mac and iOS users are trying to understand the benefits of this shift, platforms like Setapp are making things affordable by offering hundreds of apps for a fraction of the price they would otherwise cost. Find out why the subscription model of Mac apps is better for the user.

New Features & Content

When you pay a monthly fee to the developers for the app, they are obligated to you to provide new features and content. Their goal is to convince you that they are here for the long run. And they prove this with regular updates and features. It means that you will have an app that is stable and consistently offers something new and better.

The developers are going to make continuous efforts to meet and exceed the expectations of their users by improving their application.  They realize the importance of improvement to retain their subscribers. And all these updates are available for free. Whenever a new version of the app is launched, you can have ready access to it without having to pay anything extra.

A subscription model also assures that you will have access to the latest releases. The app will be both functionally and aesthetically up-to-date with the new versions of Mac OS.


Another advantage of choosing a subscription model like Setapp is that you can have a more personalized experience. Personalization is an important factor in keeping users satisfied. Such a model also allows the developers to learn about the features and contents users are interested in and deliver a more customized experience.

Better Support

Quality support is important for all Mac apps, but when it comes to subscription apps you can expect higher quality support. As a subscriber, you expect to receive more dedicated support which means quality customer service for the fee you pay. It is different from a single purchase. Most of the single purchase users don’t get in touch with the support team.

Developers are more inclined to offer better support to their subscription users due to the recurring revenue they generate. And if they are able to provide great support, it means that the users are highly likely to continue using their apps.

Subscription Mac Apps

When an individual app is switched to the subscription model, it can prove to be more expensive than a one-off purchase. However, Setapp has changed the way how it works by offering hundreds of valuable apps in an affordable subscription package. It includes different types of apps from segments which are most suited for the subscription model:

  • Content Apps: Subscription-based writing and blogging apps are the excellent choice for content creators. Setapp offers dozens of apps in this segment including Ulysses, Focused, Manuscripts, Capto, TextSoap, and much more.
  • Maintenance Apps: As a Mac owner, you are going to need a wide range of service apps to ensure that your system performs at its optimal levels. This includes apps like CleanMyMac, Spotless, Endurance, iMazing, Get Backup Pro, Declutter, and iState Menus among others.
  • Productivity Apps: Whether you are a freelancer or a professional, there is a huge selection of productivity apps that can help you get more out of your time. Setapp covers dozens of these apps in its subscription plan. It includes Pagico, Mosaic, GoodTask, Secrets, Timing, Paste, InstaCal, Be Focused, and much more.
  • Developer Apps: CodeRunner allows you to edit and run code in a language of your choice, but it costs around $14.99 to purchase. Setapp offers dozens of such apps, including dozens of others from different segments for a subscription of $9.99/mo. Other developer tools include RapidWeaver, Marked, TablePlus, Simon, TeaCode, and much more.

This subscription model offers creativity, lifestyle, personal finance, education and research, and other types of Mac apps for an all-inclusive subscription fee of $9.99/mo. And this comes with zero in-app purchases. You can have full access to all the features of the app. Besides, you will not have to pay whenever a new version of these apps is released.

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