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Why Facebook Move Towards New Changes and Features?

Since last month I have been trying to write this article. I was a bit confused whether my blog readers would like this article or not. This is not information related to launch of a new app or software for techno geeks. These are my own views.

Facebook, the name itself is popular enough and needs no further detailing. In simple words, Facebook is life of internet users belonging to an age group of 5 to an age group of more than 80 years. We use Facebook for many reasons, some of which are – youngsters spend most of their time on chatting (video and simple chat), businessmen try to spread their business throughout the world, artists and painters strengthen their passion and gain more audience for their creativity through pages and groups. Several more different types of activities can be performed on Facebook.

I made my profile on Facebook three years before, till then I was using Orkut. Many of my friends might also had used Orkut. Before the advent of Facebook; Orkut was a famous social networking site (mainly for India and Brazil). But what happened suddenly to Orkut that every one abandoned using Orkut (you can comment your views, we will not discuss here). That’s the story of Orkut.

Lately I have observed that Facebook has moved towards new changes, implemented new features making this social networking site more interesting, more secure and more interactive so that users are always eager and excited to use it. Here a question intrigues me and that is “Why Facebook move toward new changes”.

Before answering that, first let’s have a look of the new features that have been included in Facebook recently.

Time Line

Time Line

Privacy Shortcuts

Privacy Shortcuts

Advanced Chat Settings

Advanced Chat Settings

Graph Search

Graph Search

 I think everyone is aware about these changes, No need to explain.

 I am going to share with you my thoughts regarding the purpose behind these changes. If you feel differently at any point, then feel free to point out the differences and let me know if I have missed something or represented something wrongly.

Google plus – biggest competitor of Facebook

Google Plus


Few years back Google launched Google plus. I had been using Facebook for three year when I enter into Google plus and its communities. And now I am a big fan of it. For my Blog and any issues regarding blogging it is the right place. I like talking to people connected to different communities. Using Google plus I feel like a professional but there are some issues with Google plus also like it takes more loading time.

Google hangouts, getting in contact with professional peoples and learning about new technology around the world are among the best features of Google+. Google is my preferred choice than Facebook. Now days most of my friends are closing there FB accounts and they all have the same reason and that is “Getting Bore”. I am also bored of Facebook but for my blog page I have to use FB.

In my college every 2 students out of 10 close their accounts and 2 moves towards Google plus for new and interactive platform to get a new taste of social networking. On the other hand Google Plus also did some new changes recently to keep users fascinated and new comers stuck to it. G+ is best from all angles for site sharing, blog sharing and business. Within 3 months I have made 20 new friends from abroad and all are professional in their respective fields of blogging. Discussion with them on recent trends and new technology has always been fruitful for me. I suggest you that if you are not a G+ user you must try it once.

Long Time on FB

We have been using FB for a long time. When I first signed up on FB, I would use it daily and spend 4 to 5 hours adding my pics, chatting with friends without any knowledge gain but now I just scroll through the page without any interest. So, this is the main reason that users are leaving FB because they have got bored and Facebook is totally waste of time. FB tries a lot to provide new features, games but they are not worthy to retain the users. If someone gets bored from FB they must take some rest from it to try new things. After some time they can again join it depending upon their wish.


Nowadays biggest issue on FB is spamming. By clicking on one link you can lose your data from your account and the link will be shared through your id with a tag on another person’s name and this goes on in a looped manner. One month before by mistake I clicked on a link, after some time that link started posting automatically in a loop with my friends being tagged unknowingly. That link kept on running throughout the day. Thanks to FB team, they solved that problem after spam report, but we must be aware against such issues.

Rise of new social media sites

Recently we have been introduced to new social media sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest. That is another reason why people spend their maximum time on these sites rather than FB.

These are my views, if you have any ideas or want to add something, you are most welcome. 

Author Bio:- Sumit Sharma is a technical blogger at Papa blogger-Just One Step More and loves to blog. His writings include new and interesting techies related to android, Open Source, Social media and many other fascinating facts about computer world.

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