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Why Do So Many Tech Companies Give Up Their Secrets?

In the tech industry more than anywhere else, information is king. Big companies like Google, Apple and Samsung have all gone to war over company secrets, patents and unique inventions recently, with whole lawsuits hinging on whether a particular piece of code was original enough to be stolen.

So why do so many big tech and online companies give up their secrets so easily?

The answer might surprise you, and if you run a tech company of your own, it might be worth giving it a look.

First, though, here are the main things to take into account before you go charging in.

keeping secrets safe

Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

When giving people who might well be your competitors and rivals the information they need to get ahead, it’s important to make sure that you’re not selling them your steak – your unique selling point.

SEOMoz, for instance, offer OpenSiteExplorer alongside many other applications and web tools, a cool tool for comparing how well sites will rank in the search engines. They can offer valuable tools like this because the main USP of SEOMoz is not necessarily SEO work, but expert consultations and subscription-based tools.

Google offer free productivity tools such as online spreadsheets and documents, because their main business is search advertising.

By giving these things away for free, you are “selling the sizzle” – people can tell that you’re cooking steak, so they get hungry, but they can’t see your secret recipe, so they can’t cook it for themselves!

Brand New Audiences

Certain audiences don’t come out of their comfort zones very often. If your business offers technology to other business leaders, they’re unlikely to have much time for anything other than the absolute best blogs and news sources – so you have to get your information up there to get noticed!

Similarly, younger and more affluent professionals are often found using iPhones and Android phones, so releasing a clever app that helps them out on these platforms is very useful.

Releasing important information on platforms with niche audiences can help to ensure that you don’t just spread the information far and wide, but you still reach people who haven’t necessarily heard of your company beforehand.

No Big Deal

Really, when we’re talking about tech company ‘secrets’, a lot of it is only truly secret to the layperson. Competitors will almost always have an equivalent to your product, even if it doesn’t work the same way. So telling your competitors how your product works doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve got an advantage – meanwhile, other people, customers and potential clients, start to think of you as an industry leader.

I mean, if this is what you’re sharing, imagine what you’re keeping back!

It does always help to keep some information back though. This is the core of content marketing – judging what you can tell people is a delicate art, and takes practice and thorough knowledge of the industry you’re working in.

Get started now, though, and you could be the market leader this time next year…

Author Bio:- James Duval writes about technology and business for Strategy Internet Marketing among others, with a focus on cutting edge industry news, useful gadgets and amazing technology.

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