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Why Corporates Are Using Social Media Monitoring as an Inbound Marketing Channel

Time to talk about how you can use social media monitoring as an inbound marketing channel. That means attracting more customers and giving some extra oomph to your online marketing.

Social media monitoring looks at the social media stream and enables you to pick out channels that you didn’t know were there. So you might have a forum about plastic spoons for example. People getting married want to know where to buy the best plastic spoons and knives and forks for their reception. They want glittery ones, or funky coloured ones. They want cheap ones.


The forum is a locus where the social media population discuss a specific, non branded topic. That is a stream that you can jump in, to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the eyes of your consumers. What better way to start focusing your advertising – and to begin opening up new channels for you to explore while you do it?

With your own social media presence, you can begin engaging in these kinds of conversations, bringing your own influence to bear on the potential consumers of your own products and services. By engaging with a large potential buying population in forums about non brand specific incarnations of stuff you already sell, it’s easy to deliver information and experience to a whole flock waiting to be converted.

The Twitterverse

Simple mentions in the social stream need not be unremarked either. Search in the Twitterverse for mentions of the generic term for your product or service and start compiling data that explains who talks about the things you sell, what they say about them – and most importantly (as you should know by now!) who they are. Finding persons of influence in the Twitterverse and engaging with them allows you by default to engage with all their followers.

Identify and Connect

Identification in social media terms means “understanding”. That is to say you will get a feel for who influences who. In other words, how to align yourself with the powerful, the voices that set trends or command the respect of consumers. I am talking here about journalists, about industry experts and leaders in their field. Identify them, confirm your identification and connect accordingly. Bear in mind that you will be unable to identify the true influencers in a field you know little about until you have worked out the lie of the land. Engage first, then connect.

Don’t be Afraid of Research

It’s tempting in the fast moving world of social media to try and dive into as many pools as you can and pick up terminology on the way. Here’s a thought for you. If you sit in a room full of people talking stuff you don’t understand, what do you do? In my book, you go home and start reading about things until you have a clearer picture of what is going on in there. Remember that the informed business is a business capable of identifying still further new avenues for advertising in and looking at.

Say What You Mean – Comment Marketing

“Comment marketing” is a pretty intuitive way of using Twitter and other social media feeds to market yourself. You comment regularly, well and with justification on conversations that you have identified during your analysis of Twitter. What you need to do here is be that person – the person who really is interested in the blogs they are following. You’re talking about authenticity. People only respond to authentic comments and posts that they feel are really saying something – so you need to be sure that this is what you are doing. When you stop saying “real” things and engaging with your subject in a real way, your followers lose interest and you lose influence.

Author Bio:- BD is a Freelance and Staff writer for a SEO company, who writes informative & creative articles on SEO and Technology for thems. Her expertise are in writing articles related to internet providers, social media, etc.

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