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Why Buy DDoS Protection Before You are Hit?

Rarely companies look for protection before they’re faced with the DDoS problem. Arguably, there is practically no need to take out insurance against hail storms in the Sahara desert. The problem with such an attitude is after they are hit, it takes a good while to find the right mitigation service vendor, with the right price and the right level of protection.

In most cases this “shut-the-stable-door” approach to ensuring peace of mind is what companies go for. The victims never even imagined they would be “ddos-ed”. And, increasingly, we’re seeing completely unexpected types of web sites being attacked, sometimes for no apparent reason. So why should one prepare? Why does one buy insurance? Why does one install antivirus software on their computer?

The reason: we all, at one point or another, want to be smart, be prepared, be protected.

The Net is not anyone’s sanctuary, and never was – on the contrary, it’s everyone’s playground. There will be players who would want to cripple your business and to sever your livelihood. Is it not worth protecting it for a fraction of you could lose?

When companies get DDoS protection they increase their chances to deter attackers before harm can be done. They ensure their peace of mind. Finally, they reach the point when they ask themselves “do I need protection”- things are running so smooth, they reckon it’s useless to keep paying for protection they do not need anymore… Such companies are blessed for not having to deal with the attackers – relentless criminal minds who’d try everything they can think of and constantly vary method and size of attack.

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