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Why Blogger is Better Than WordPress?

The fresh candidates for blogging experience always remain confused when it comes to careful selection of the most appropriate and comprehensive platform. No doubt, Blogger and WordPress are very synonymous to their service lists and facilities that they offer to the valued clients. But there are some merits and demerits of everything in this world and similar is the case here. You can reach out to millions of compatible platforms that boast of offering you a wide range of solutions from self-hosting services to basic blog settings. Interestingly, the new bloggers will definitely like to go with the free version of the software and nothing is better today than these two platforms.

Need of WordPress

  • It fulfills the needs of all your target consumers because the WordPress webpage can be fully customized as per your preferences.
  • Numerous widgets and plug-ins are there that can be used while designing your website. Video links, images and content posting becomes more entertaining with this platform.
  • The investment is very less and thus, most of the business persons and bloggers like it for cost effectiveness. It provides them will effective service at minimal cost.
  • You will experience the power of being professional. This is an art which can be greatly valued on the internet.
  • Since WordPress is an Open Source software platform, the work of innovation always continues. Everyone using the platform has the right for including latest research and plug-ins for the future bloggers.

Blogger is much better than WordPress – top reasons

  • While using the Blogger, you will be capable of reaping benefits of integrated Google login. This becomes important for the blog owners as they make use of the AdSense, Webmaster tools and AdWords. Integration of Blogger with your created webpage is much easier.
  • There are a plenty of pre-built templates that can be readily used to give your blog a new look and appearance. You just need to copy and paste the template code on your webpage to achieve the result quickly. This facility will serve your intended purpose.
  • There will be the service of dashboard which allows the blog owner to login into multiple accounts along with the created webpage. So, it will be very convenient for you to change, see, edit or post new contents on all your blogs at the same time. it will definitely save your precious time, efforts and money in the long run.
  • Indexing takes very little time. It does not matter whether you have clusters of blogs or a single one but it can be readily indexed to the Google. This will automatically generate huge revenues and attract more web traffic in less time span.

Summary:- Offering a huge and massive networking for the blog owners, Blogger is really going to offer you refreshing experience. It is most appropriate for the fresh candidates. The integration of multiple accounts login, ease of use and user friendly interface will provide you with ultimate options to capitalize your blog page.

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  • payjho

    March 28, 2012, 7:40 pm

    then why u still using wordpress ?


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