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Why Apple Siri is Better Than Google Nexus

Two biggest competitors of today’s world are Apple and Google.  They both are on the peak of their progress. They both want to be best. Apple is one of the largest companies of the world. On the other hand Google has not only the world’s largest search engine but has amazing and stunning products. Apple products are usually luxurious. They both try to well balance the price and quality. We are going to compare the best product of both. A question arises in many minds that Apple Siri is better or Google Nexus. In our opinion Apple Siri is better than Google Nexus due to some important reasons. We have taken certain tests on both and found Apple Siri better than Google Nexus

General questions

We had questioned from both that locate Empire State building. Google Nexus was unable to answer but Apple Siri had given a map showing Empire State building and its location. We have also asked that if there will be rain on Tuesday. Google Nexus seemed to be blind but Apple Siri answered our question by displaying the next five days forecast. We have asked both of them to display pictures of Mount Everest. Apple Siri automatically displayed some of its pictures but Google Nexus had first searched the web and then displayed the pictures. So Apple rules again. We have asked each of them that from where we can get pizza. Apple Siri had answered twenty places near us but Google Nexus had displayed the places of the whole city.

Some general knowledge questions

We had questioned from both that what is the capital of Canada? Both displayed accurate results but Apple Siri was little bit fast than Google Nexus. We asked both that How old is Stan Lee? Both answered right but this time Google Nexus was quicker than Apple Siri. We asked from both that when was Apple established. This time Apple Siri had given us correct answer but Google Nexus was speech less.

Do some task?

We had given a task to both Apple Siri and Google Nexus. The task was to set a timer for five minutes. Google Nexus had set the alarm for five minutes but Apple Siri had set a timer with beautiful graphics. Apple Siri had done the task better than Google Nexus.

Conversions and Mathematics

We made some mathematical problem for both. Both had done mathematical problems but Apple Siri was bit efficient as compared to Google Nexus. Then we asked both to convert 50 Euros to dollars. Apple Siri once again displayed the result in less time as compared to Google Nexus. Apple Siri had always done mathematical tasks before Google Nexus.

Wrap up

We had asked many questions and performed many tasks on both Apple Siri and Google Nexus. Somehow both had performed all the tasks but most of the times Apple Siri was quicker than Google Nexus. This suggests that Apple Siri is better than Google Nexus.

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  • Sam Jones

    July 28, 2012, 4:02 am

    The English and grammar in this article is quite poor. You may want to proof read it next time. Also what nexus device? Nexus 7 tablet is much better than siri, I have both and have tested many things, nexus 7 is much faster. I love Apple, but Google is catching up.


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