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Why A Shift From Traditional Phone TO VoIP Phone Should Be Made

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is one telecom innovation which has revolutionized the office communication system. An innovation to the technology gets better and better. VoIP gives you opportunity to easily connect with your employees whether they are present in the office or out for work, also one can connects with other organizations.

voip phone

But still many think that exactly what is VOIP?

It is phone system via internet. Unlike traditional phone services which have phone lines, cables, Voip make calling possible through internet. Technically it converts analog phone signals into digital waves or signals, then use internet to send them across

One can use VOIP in two ways: one is using an Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA), which uses an Ethernet protocol and phone jack for functioning. And the second is using an IP phone set.

Below are few points which make VOIP beneficial option for business to make the shift from their traditional phone service to VOIP.

Low Price: Switching to VOIP service can save up-to 50% on what you are spending on your phone bill. You just have to pay for the internet service. No installation charges and no maintenance charges are attached to it. No additional or hidden cost is attached to it.

Lots of features are present. Less money spent does not mean compromise in features. In VOIP you can enjoy the advance telecom features at less expense. Business can have high end features, for which they have to pay high charges in conventional phone service. However in VOIP all this and more can be used at less.

Features like caller ID, call forwarding and waiting, and three-way calling all are available in VOIP with no extra charges.  Internal calling can be done at half or even less rate. If you are moving out of your office you can take your VOIP phone along with you. Just need an internet connection to receive and make calls from it.

Also the voip providers from whom you take the voip services will provide advance features like voicemail by email, automatic bill pay, full calling records available online, and much more.

Less Maintenance: Traditional phones have problems like phone line is down, hand set not working, repair all that is required. But not in case of VOIP, if interne is not working just shift to ATA devices the phone is ready to use.

Number Portability: While making a shift from your conventional phone system to new VoIP you can use that same number. Also if your business uses many different lines the all can be connected or operated through one phone number.

VOIP phone service is a great alternative to traditional phone system. Converting your business or home phone system to VOIP will make you save money which can be for other productive work.

Author Bio: Sofia Williams writes for buyers guide. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

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  • Aswatysaran

    July 26, 2012, 6:31 pm

    Yes. This makes way too many assumptions that are simply incorrect..


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