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Who Will Perish in the Great War of Browsers?

Did you know that in the history of internet many browsers have been born and many have died? The latest demise is that of Flock which has triggered this post. Flock was a disruptive influence as long as it lasted. It was my favorite because it acted as a browser and much more. It went down more because of the overwhelming presence of giant browsers rather than any inherent limitation.


What’s happening in the fighting arena?

There are four browsers which seem to be sweating it out in the fierce battle – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  These four are trying to occupy the browser turf and have their own strategy in place.

IE has the larger pie

Out of these, IE has the most eyeballs because of two important reasons.  One- it was the first browser in the market and has the pioneers advantage, two – it belongs to the Microsoft stable. Lately, it seems to be losing ground. I for one have turned away because I find it too cramped and visually demanding. There are too many advertisements and I seem to be bombarded by all kinds of stuff which I dislike. Microsoft is using Internet Explorer for pedaling everything from  pins to products without realizing that this puts off users. Maybe the guys out there realize that their product has reached end-of-life and are milking it for whatever it is worth.

Firefox is losing market

Personally, I like Firefox a lot because it is open source and there are thousands of developers contributing to it. It makes it a vibrant place to be in. There are zillions of free plug-ins which extend its performance and enhances value. The sad part is that Google has pulled the plug on it and brought out its own browser. This has dented its usage and number of users is on the decline. I would still place Firefox as number one browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the latest entrant and has bitten into both IE and Firefox. Though Google has muscled into the browser space and has taken a big chunk of the market, it still has a long way to go. The number of add-ons is limited and nowhere in comparison to Firefox. What I do like about Chrome is the minimalist look. It has no intrusive advertisements and doesn’t hit you with garish colors. Maybe it would mature into a great browser in a year or so.


Safari is a grand dad of browsers which has survived the wars. It is extremely nifty and works nicely. The reason why it has survived is because of its ability to adapt to new environment. It has a great mobile version which is enormously popular. Switching between mobile and computer interface is smooth and smart.

Who will perish?

Those which refuse to adapt to new technology like mobiles, smartphones, handhelds, readers and such devices will ultimately go down. Users are migrating towards mobile technology and browsers which support both traditional and mobile platforms will win the battle of browsers.

Author Bio:- Victor Solovey  is the owner of crazyxhtml , where they do crazy stuff including ‘psd to html’ and ‘psd to css’ conversion. Victor is passionate about his work and also likes to write.

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