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White Label SEO Insights: Survey Shows What B2B Marketers Want in 2013

The demand for white label SEO and other online marketing solutions has been consistently increasing as shown by different studies.  The latest one, a recently released survey from New York-based abm (The Association of Business Information & Media Companies) shows that B2B marketers have seen an increase in their audience in the past 12 months. The study provides useful insight on what white label SEO and retail online marketing providers prioritize in their marketing efforts.

Increase in Digital Audience Consistent; Implementation Holds Surprises

60% of companies that participated in the survey say they have seen an increase in their audience, while 32% say their audience has stayed the same. This digital audience looking for web, email and mobile solutions is almost as big as the audience of B2B traditional media users – a combined audience of 46%.

surveyWhat’s interesting to note is the implementation of digital media that B2B providers use most often. Apart from websites and e-newsletters, digital magazines, social media, and mobile apps were used the most by B2B media users. Interestingly enough, these services are appearing on many white label SEO providers’ solutions.

Top 5 Digital Solutions used by B2B Providers:

  1. Websites – 96%
  2. E-newsletters – 92%
  3. Digital replica of print magazines – 69%
  4. Mobile-optimized websites – 56%
  5. Social media – 54%

Both traditional print magazines and websites received a 96% rating, which means they are used equally for marketing campaigns. This comes as no surprise, given the high client demand for integrated marketing solutions. The high rating received by digital replica of print magazines also shows how traditional methods are being integrated into online marketing and white label SEO. In addition, the survey shows that content marketing activity rose in the past 12 months by as much as 57%.

The combined statistics for mobile-optimized websites and apps show that 63%, or almost two-thirds of B2B service providers, offer and use mobile-optimized solutions. This is consistent with Google’s recommendations and with other research showing the increasing importance of optimizing for an increasingly mobile audience.

The inclusion of social media on the list as a one of the top 5 online marketing tools used by B2B media users is surprising, given that previous studies showed that more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies do not use social media in their marketing campaigns yet. The result of this more recent survey may be backed up by another study, one done by Searchmetrics, which shows the relationship between social signals and rankings to be growing stronger.

Digital Seen as Growing More Important in Online Marketing

The survey also shows where B2B marketers see the industry going in the next three to four years. The difference in where the industry is now and where businesses see it heading towards is remarkable. Websites still top the list at 77%, but it is no longer tied to print magazines, which falls from the present 96% to just 39% in 3-4 years.

seo surveyThe top 5 digital solutions expected to rise in importance in the next 3-4 years are:

  1. Websites – 77%
  2. E-newsletters – 65%
  3. Mobile-optimized websites – 52%
  4. Mobile apps – 49%
  5. Digital replica of print magazines – 47%

Social media may have missed the top 5, but more than two out of five still believe it will grow more important in the next 3-4 years. Traditional media, meanwhile, fall to the bottom of the list, with the exception of product info from the manufacturer, and conferences and trade shows.

Search Advertising Expected to See the Largest Budget Increase in 12 Months

SEO InsightThe value B2B marketers see businesses place on search engine advertising is expected to increase in the next 12 months. It tops the list of services expected to increase budget areas, with a rating of 45%. Four out of the top five services expected to increase budget in the next 12 months are digital:

  1. Search engine advertising – 45%
  2. Mobile advertising – 43%
  3. E-newsletter advertising – 41%

Sponsored white papers – 41%

  1. Face-to-face event attendance – 38%
  2. Website banner advertising – 36%

Website banner advertising very nearly misses the fifth spot, but e-newsletter advertising and sponsored white papers tie at the third place. These figures support the figures from the previous item, where online marketing methods are expected to increase in importance in the next 3-4 years.

What This Means for You as an Online Marketer

The survey provides many great takeaways for white label SEO vendors and buyers alike. Among the elements discussed here, the takeaways are:

  • Search continues and will continue to dominate. SEO will be in high demand for at least the next 3-4 years, as white label SEO marketers and buyers alike see search engines as an important marketing platform. B2B organizations expecting an increase in budget for search engine advertising provide a preview of how strong search will grow and continue to be in the next few years.
  • Website reach will continue to be large in the next 3-4 years. As one of the main sources of information for businesses and retail customers alike, websites are considered the most important source of primary information today, only equaled by print media (today) and followed by face-to-face marketing (in the future). Website development and optimization, especially solutions integrating mobile, are expected to increase in demand in the years to come.
  • Social media is seen as an effective marketing tool. With more and more studies showing the relationship between social presence and SERPs rankings, social media is growing in importance as a marketing tool. Agencies that disregarded social media before should reconsider and restructure their SEO solutions to include social optimization.
  • Mobile is on the rise. It ranks third AND fourth on the list of digital services expected to become more important in the next 3-4 years, and it ranks second on the services expected to see the most budget increase in the next 12 months. The demand for mobile optimization and development increases as the market becomes more multiplatform, and marketers are already preparing for this demand.

You can download the report at amd’s official website

Clayton WoodClayton Wood is a key member of a corporate team who has managed hundreds of SEO campaigns, several online marketing brands and help bring equity to many agencies with http://www.seoreseller.com. He is passionate about communicating the impact that technology has in online marketing, and how inbound marketing helps small and large businesses achieve their goals for themselves, their families and their communities.

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  • Kostas

    October 1, 2013, 3:11 am

    I am actually surprised that the mobile stats are not higher! In my opinioon mobile web browsing and smart phone apps are the way forward and I am urging everyone to get a mobile version of their site sorted out asap.


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