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While More Companies Adopt the Cloud, Security Concerns Continue to Exist

The majority of IT executives in all types of businesses continue to be concerned about security on the cloud. However, embracing the new infrastructure continues to be highly popular. A UK based cloud computing support company has revealed a new survey and report on the biggest security nightmares that are associated with the cloud. They have also released a number of recommendations in terms of enhancing security.

A lot of companies across the world know that the cloud is a wonderful thing, but that there are significant security issues involved with it as well. This is why companies like UK based cloud computing support organization Flair4IT.co.uk has released new information to help businesses improve their security as they use the Internet of Things (IoT), new platforms, and the cloud.

To do so, they have completed a new survey. In it, they polled some 1,114 IT executives. They worked for companies across the world, ranging in value from $50 million to some $2 billion in terms of their annual sales. The results were very interesting.

Cloud Data Security

80% said that they planned to use ‘new technology environments’ in the future to store data. This technology was either IoT, big data or cloud. Of the 80% who said this, 85% stated that they were between ‘concerned’ and ‘very concerned’ about security.

More than 50% of those who took part in the study were worried about big data security. 36% said that they were concerned about IoT data protection.

Yet, the report author stated that, despite these concerns, security continues to be an afterthought. He believes that many companies want to make sure they can get involved in a new market and that, to do so, they put other important issues, like security, on a backburner.

The report also revealed what the main security concerns were. They were highlighted as being:

  • Attacks at the service provider and data breaches – 70%
  • Shared infrastructure increasing vulnerabilities – 66%
  • Lack of control over data location – 66%
  • Lack of data privacy polices – 65%

The survey also demonstrated that almost all participants saw that the solution was to encrypt data. 66% of respondents said that they wanted to manage encryption keys themselves.

“Encryption has received a bit of a bad name over the past four decades,” says the report author from Flair4IT. “People find it complex and very slow and they worry about damaging data.”

When encryption was first launched, adopters were sensitive and paranoid, while also understanding regulatory compliance. Because of this, truly implementing encryption as a method of security failed a little. However, there has been a real shift in attitudes, with more companies looking for encryption solutions. Because so much data is now collected, companies have increased security concerns. At the same time, consumers have higher expectations when it comes to their security.

Data collection is growing exponentially. Gigabytes have started to become terabytes and even some petabytes. This is an incomprehensible amount of data, and it must be protected. “We think it is important that businesses know they cannot protect or encrypt everything,” adds the representative. “Instead, they should find the 10% to 20% of data that is most crucial. The data that, if lost, would destroy the company. This is what must be protected and encrypted above all else.”

Chief security offices in companies across the world are responsible for data protection. They are the ones who must understand what the goals of the business are, and which data is valuable in terms of that. It isn’t just about sharing statistics, but about sharing understanding.

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