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Which Promotional USB Memory Sticks are Right for you?

Whether you’re looking for memory sticks for business or personal use, there are various different features that you should look out for and which are likely to have a bearing on your final choice of USB memory sticks. Technology has come a long way since this type of technology first reached the market and there aren’t many things which can be transformed into some form of USB memory stick or another.

When it comes to actually thinking about which promotional USB memory sticks are right for your requirements, the following features are important to take into consideration:


This an area where you can let your imagination run wild because, as previously mentioned, there are very few things which haven’t been turned into a memory stick of some description. Personally speaking, I like the stick men style promotional USB memory sticks as I think they have the sort of character and style which makes them the ideal choice for both business and personal use. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference and you may well prefer a memory stick in the shape of a burly nightclub bouncer – but each to their own! See a stick man style promotional USB memory stick below:

usb style


Generally speaking, you will be using your USB memory stick for a certain reason. For example, if you’re using it for business purposes, this will likely be in order to be able to easily transport fairly small files such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint documents or Word documents. However, if the storage device is for personal use, it may be the case that you’re going to be carrying much larger files on it such as films, music and games. This will impact on the storage capacity of USB memory stick that you need and they will typically range between 512mb and 8gb.

usb capacity


If you’re looking for some bargains with USB memory sticks, it is a good idea to seek out a provider of promotional products and merchandise online as they typically boast the biggest array of mobile storage devices to choose from and are often in a position to provide deals for those purchasing promotional memory sticks in bulk – something that is likely to be of interest to large businesses as they will be able to brand the devices with their company logo or motto.

usb cost

Promotional merchandise, such as USB memory sticks, are extremely useful for both the home and office and they are becoming ever more affordable and technology advanced which, of course, is of benefit to the consumer.

Author Bio:- James is a blogger who gives his opinion about gadgets, office technology such as promotional USB memory sticks and various promotional merchandise and gifts.

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