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Which Pages of a Website Should Be Optimized First?

Optimizing your website for ensuring better search engine rankings is not a easy task. Irrespective of the number of pages you wish to optimize, the process can consume weeks or even months.  Although the entire procedure cannot be completed rather fast, your SEO consultants could suggest ways so that you derive maximum value for your time without having to compromise on the quality of your SEO practices. And the smartest alternative would be to prioritize pages you wish to optimize over others.  Even as you would love to optimize all the pages on your website to perfection, prioritizing would ensure that you save time and derive complete advantage from the entire exercise.

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Prioritizing the Pages you wish to Optimize First

  • Optimizing High Level Pages—This exercise would involve the usage of the navigation bar as a guideline for determining the high level pages on your website. These would include pages like your homepage that would have the maximum of inbound links. Therefore, search engines would confer more value upon them. You also need to make sure that these pages have been furnished with well written and information rich content. This is because; good content would automatically result in natural links, even if you haven’t resorted to any link building exercises. These pages should be optimized first because they are the ones that aim at broader keywords, for targeting a more comprehensive audience base. Naturally, you would want visitors to track down these pages through search engines so that can find your website and delve deeper into it.
  • Optimizing Pages that Generate Most Revenues—These would be the pages that register t impressive performances by attracting most number of visitors, engaging them for long and coming up with the stellar conversion rates. These pages would be responsible for your business success! And since they affect your revenues, prioritizing them would always prove to be beneficial. Normally, when a page is already performing well, you simply need to make minimal SEO changes to improve its performance furthermore. Therefore, it wouldn’t take too much of your time either! It has probably been provided with top quality content, targeting the right keywords. All it needs is a bit of tweaking.
  • Optimizing Pages with Profitable Products—These are the pages that might not be responsible for highest revenues but surely have the potential for emerging as the most valuable. These could be the pages showcasing some of your key products that is, the ones you want your business to rely on in the future. They might also have been created for boosting demand generation for a new offering. Ideally, you must choose to optimize these pages first because they would determine the future of your business prospects. Starting early would allow them the time they need for performing well on the most popular search engines.

Basically, when you plan your priorities with respect to optimization, the sole determining criterion must be value. The pages that are going to deliver maximum value to your organization in the days to come must be given prime importance.

Author Bio:- Sofia Williams writes for Toyota Place. She likes to contribute to the online sphere by blogging on a vast variety of topics.

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  • Alex

    April 6, 2013, 10:31 am

    homepage and single pages are more important to optimize first as they are the more visited pages on any website.


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