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Which LCD TV is The Best for College Students?

Few years ago an LCD TV was simply out of the reach of college students because of the expensive price tag and the size. However things have changed now and many LCD TV manufacturers have now launched smaller and modestly priced LCD TVs for those on a budget and with limited space. Space and budget are both important factors when buying an LCD TV for a college dorm room. The cramped up room does not allow a regular sized TV let alone a big screen. The same can be said for cost as a costly LCD TV does not fit in the humble budget of a college student.

What to look for in an LCD TV for a dorm room

Watching TV is a good way of unwinding after a long tiring day in the college especially in the evening when you need to relax a bit. The college student should select an LCD TV which can fit in the room easily and does not burn a big hole in the pocket. The LCD TV should have all the essential qualities of a good TV such as impressive colors, crisp and clear picture and a good viewing angle. An ideal LCD TV for a dorm room must be the one with internet connectivity so that it can be used in place of a monitor. Portability is another plus point a student should consider when buying an LCD TV for the dorm room. The cost of an LCD TV increases with the increase in the number of features it offers; a college student can get a great LCD TV at an affordable price if he/she keeps his requirement minimum. Reliable and reputed brands like Sony and Samsung have launched their small sized LCD TVs which are ideal for restricted places. A brief review of  some small sized and modestly priced LCD TVs is as follows

Sony Bravia 22 inch LCD HDTV

Sony BRAVIA KDL22BX320 22-Inch 720p LCD HDTV is great for dorm rooms, dens and small apartments. Though small in size, it has the same exceptional sound and picture qualities which are the hallmark of all Sony TV sets. This 22 inch LCD TV from Sony has a great 720p HD resolution. The images are quite detailed and crisp as well as vibrant. The integrated light sensors automatically adjust the brightness of the picture depending upon the surroundings. The BX320 comes with five HD inputs including a PC input through which you can use this TV as a computer monitor and two inputs for HD audio and video. The USB port lets you stream images and songs from the USB storage device, MP3 player or digital camera. This set can be kept on a shelf or wall mounted either way the viewing angle is great. The 22 inch LCD HDTV comes with a stand which has a flexible curve back that can be rotated right or left.

Samsung LN22C450 22-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV

The LN22C450 from Samsung is one of the best small sized TVs available in the market. The presence of Wide Color Enhancer in the C450 has resulted in a broad range of colors besides an impressive picture with perfect brightness and amazing details. The impressive picture is backed by the superior sound quality. The SRS Tru Sound HD technology offers a better quality sound than most TVs of this size. The LN22C450 comes with a PC Input,  HDMI input and HDMI-CEC (Connect Sharing Component). The CEC enables the viewers to connect devices such as DVD players, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and Camcorders to the TV through the USB slot. The Anyset + feature allows a single remote operation of all devices connected to the TV through the HDMI inputs. The LN22C450 uses less power because of its Energy Star compliancy feature.

Philips 19PFL3505D/F7 19-inch LCD HDTV, Black

Another reasonably priced small sized Energy Star compliant TV is the 19PFL3505D/F7 from Phillips. Rich colors, amazing picture clarity, sharp images and great sound are some features of this model. The 19PFL3505D/F7 has two HDMI inputs and one PC input via VGA and lets you connect your PC, Blu Ray and DVD Player, Games Console and USB. It even lets you customize the picture with the zoom, movie expand, wide, normal and other options. The built in light sensors adjust the brightness of the picture automatically.

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