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Where Should You Mount Mobile Antennas For Buildings?

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When you decide to take the initiative and upgrade your buildings connectivity for cell phones by purchasing mobile antennas for buildings, it is also important that you located the best spot to mount the antenna.

The Correct Height

Antennas work in mysterious ways but they aren’t too difficult to figure out. The higher off the ground you are, the more likely the antenna will be able to function to the best of its ability. However, if it is placed too high off the ground the reception could suffer. Anywhere from 2-10 stories high is going to be an ideal spot to place the antenna. Of course, on the roof of the building is probably the best location as long as the building is not too tall.

The Correct Orientation

Depending on where your nearest cell phone tower is, you will want to mount the antenna facing that direction. Mobile antennas for buildings are fairly large so you will probably want some assistance when you go about mounting the antenna to the top of a building. After all, you are probably fairly high up if you’re on the top of a building and you wouldn’t want to lose your balance up there.

You can consult the antenna’s manual to figure out your antenna’s orientation, make sure it’s the right one.

The Correct Surroundings

Sometimes the signal your receive inside you building is bad just because of concrete, so ensure that the antenna is not surrounded by a concrete structure.

Author Bio:- Jeet is an avid blogger and works with a cell phone booster company, PowerfulSignal.com