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Where I can upload videos in HD?

It is increasingly becoming common for the users to have a HD quality Camera in their phones and also photos, videos are recorded in high definition format, but generating high quality video take up far more space than standard definition. To share these videos with family and friends, the best is to upload them to a service that allows playback directly from the web without having to download them and which is accessible anywhere. These are the services that we recommend:

  • Youtube . The video giant used to have a very poor quality of videos, but now has slowly been improving, if you upload a video in HD, then you can enjoy virtually the same definition.
  • Vimeo . Unlike the previous service, from the beginning Vimeo opted for high definition videos. Without going into other things, the codec used gives a better quality than YouTube, although both remain high definition.
  • Dailymotion . For about a year this French service allowed you to upload HD videos. But the worst thing is the appearance of Ad before video is played.
  • Blip.tv . Although the video made ​​by Blip is not too good, but is the only service which offers to play the original video with a native player (QuickTime and derivatives) and also downloading with the same.
  • Veoh . This provides you the direct downloads of videos, which is its biggest advantage over other options available in the market.
  • Facebook . It is integrated with the rest of the services; Facebook allows its users to upload HD videos. Although the quality is not as good as the other services.
  • MotionBox . It offers advanced features which are unknown to users of other services for managing videos very effectively. It is fully oriented home for videos. The trouble is that to fully enjoy its features we will have to purchase a premium account, although not very expensive (30 Euros per year).
  • Wildscreen . With no restriction on size or length and the ability to monetize your videos staying with 100% of the profits, the German service is perfect. If you want to earn money with your videos then go for it.
  • Wuapi . This national product offers an incredible support for videos in Full HD (1080p) quality format but you won’t be able to embed videos on other sites.

Of course there are other hundreds of smaller services are there that can also serve the purpose.

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