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When You Know Your Business Phone System Is not Good Enough

There’s always something that sounds the warning bells in business. With phone systems, it’s usually some sort of glitch, nuisance thing or operational issue. What’s important is interpreting it correctly and knowing what to do about it. The new business phone systems can solve the problems- It’s recognizing that you have a problem that can be the real problem.

How to tell when your phone system is going down the tube

The real danger signs for old phone systems are pretty straightforward:

  • Call turnover times slow to a crawl- This is a result of using a phone system that simply isn’t designed to work at modern volumes and speeds. This is a lousy business situation. Your staff gets annoyed customers and regular overloads in terms of any reasonable expectation of handling call volumes. The reason for this situation is that the old phone systems are basically 80’s style systems, clunky old things without servers to manage the calls or any other systems to unplug the bottlenecks. By modern standards, these systems are just plain ridiculous.
  • Complaints from customers- Yes, the dreaded customer complaint happens to be your most reliable indicator of real issues. Complaints about dysfunctional phone systems vary from “I was stuck on hold for an hour, paying by the minute on my mobile with an urgent call” through to that all-time classic, “I’ve been trying to get through for three days”. These are perfectly legitimate complaints. A $50 phone call on a mobile is a pretty pricey call by any standards, and three days is long enough to qualify as a long weekend. Again, the story is that your phone system has created a piece of string effect in terms of managing your calls- How long does it take for someone to answer a phone? As long as it takes for that call to find its way through your system.
  • Complaints from business associates- These complaints are certain death for some businesses. If there’s one thing that will not be forgiven by anyone in business, it’s being unable to contact you, particularly if it’s something urgent for the other party. Your system isn’t properly configured to make sure important calls are kept out of the queues, and/or you don’t have a reliable default backup for these calls. (Not an answering service. That just annoys people at executive level and above. You need at the very least a PA on the other end of these calls.) That only happens on out of date phone systems. You’ve got a dinosaur on your hands, and you need a new system ASAP.

What a new telephone system can do for you

The new telephone systems, thankfully, are fully digital. They’re basically the same as computer or internet system designs. They’re also infinitely more efficient than the old phone systems business has been stuck with for decades. These systems use servers and software to operate big, 1000 extension networks. They’re as easy to use as your computer, and they can do anything a big system can do.

Take the hint. If your phone system is letting you down, upgrade now. You’ll be very glad you did.

Author Bio:- Kushal Tomar is a freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Business phone systems and Telephone systems.

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