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When You Aren’t Mark Zuckerberg: 5 Tech Businesses You Can Start and Succeed At in 2016

If you’re like many contemporary workers, the dream of starting and running your own business is constantly on your mind, regardless of whether you just graduated college or you’ve been on someone’s payroll for decades. For anyone whose bread and butter lies outside of technology, however, the 21st century can feel like hostile territory in which to undertake the already-inherent difficulties of launching a business.

It’s true that tech takes up more and more of the available space in modern life and business, but just because you aren’t a genius coder doesn’t mean you have to forego starting a tech-based business. Here is a closer look at some tech-based businesses that — if you have other skills at the ready — almost anyone should be able to tackle and succeed at in 2016 and beyond.

1. Reseller BusinessStart your business in 2016

Being a reseller doesn’t require much ingenuity as it’s basically setting yourself up to function as something like a middle man for consumers. Instead of inventing, making, manufacturing, or providing your own goods or services and then trying to sell them at a profit, you simply purchase someone else’s goods or services, and turn around to resell them — either as is or with added value. While almost anything can be turned into a reseller business, in today’s high-tech environment, technology-based resellers can do particularly well, and there are plenty of products and services to pick from. Especially if you choose an opportunity like Cisco’s Fast Track program, you can benefit from the resources and reputation of an established company.

2. Web Design

The World Wide Web isn’t going anywhere, and if you’ve got an eye for design and function — even if you can’t code to save your life — then, starting a business as a Web designer is a definite option. How are you supposed to design websites if you can’t comprehend the building blocks out of which they’re made? Lucky for you and other design-centered types, there are hundreds of templates online that you can use to build a site without ever needing to resort to code. All you need to do is develop your own website first and get to marketing your services. Or you can be the one with the vision, but hire the necessary coders to work for you.

3. App Development

App DevelopementDo you have a good idea for a mobile app but no idea how to develop it? Fear not. That good idea just might be all you need to start a tech business if you’re able to pitch it to investors or just lean on robust app development software like DWNLD. As more and more people choose to browse the Internet, shop, engage in social media, and otherwise stay connected via a mobile device, apps are becoming more and more integral to daily life.

Because of this reality, it’s possible to find venture capital through sites like True Investors or First Round Capital, which would allow you to hire people to develop your app, and you can also turn to crowdfunding opportunities through sites like StartUpValley. If you don’t want to look for money but just want to try your hand at app development, the software available keeps getting more and more user-friendly.

4. A Concierge Service

When most people think of a concierge, they think of the knowledgeable and willing hotel employee who assists in everything from securing reservations and hailing cabs to recommending florists and delivering dry cleaning to his guests. Well, those needs exist in everyone’s hometown, too, and many individuals and businesses are in dire need of a quality, for-hire concierge service. If you have the time, insight, and organizational skills to do the job well, it can actually be a lucrative and relatively easy-to-develop gig. Just put together a simple website. Define the services you can provide — laundry pickup, grocery delivery, gift purchasing, running to the post office, etc. — and set an hourly rate for those in your metro area.

5. Be an Early Investor in the Next Big Thing

While it’s hard to predict what tech startup will become the next eBay, Amazon, or Pinterest, if you have disposable income with which to invest, be on the lookout for startups and individuals with ideas whose values and goals align with your own. Especially since crowdfunding tech startups is now an option thanks to the SEC’s recent rules change, you can invest even what seems a modest amount in an idea that you think might work.

So, don’t give up on your dream of owning your own business. Try your hand at one of these five tech-related business ideas, and 2016 just might be the year that your dream comes true.

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  • Shahanshah Alam

    February 21, 2016, 2:02 pm

    And what about blogging

  • arun

    January 25, 2016, 12:39 pm

    i am impressed with this post, i am also thinking about start up. so i have start my own blog thanks for sharing.Great work.

  • Laura Beth

    January 22, 2016, 11:35 am

    These sound like viable tech businesses to start up. Thanks for sharing the insight. Enjoyed the post!


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