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When Timing Is Everything: Keeping An Eye Out On Facebook Timeline

Are you a Facebook user? If you are, what can you say about the newest feature called Timeline? Timeline is the new default profile look that users can opt for instead of the old version. Timeline changes the way you view your Facebook updates. Instead of the usual list of posts and updates, Timeline now allows you to view them in columns and in an ideally more chronological manner. It’s like a gist of all the activities you made in Facebook since the day you started the account.

Facebook’s Timeline is designed to make use of certain algorithm that determines which particular posts are relevant to you. One major difference is the use of an elaborate banner instead of just the tiny profile picture at the upper left side of your default profile page. If you’ve always loved that profile picture feature though, don’t worry. It is still displayed at the bottom left part of the wide banner. It’s just one of the many “improvements” Facebook designers and moderators made.

Facebook Timeline And The Viewing Public

Since the time it was first introduced, users and viewers alike expressed mixed emotions over this new Facebook feature. Some of them don’t like the new layout at all because it is seemingly harder to navigate. Still some argued that the new format works best for them because they can easily look back at their past Facebook posts and maybe unearth some interesting bits and pieces of their lives.

Other users fear that this new feature might render their private information more vulnerable to privacy issues. The need for data “completion” might lead them to exposing themselves unconsciously to the rest of the online world. With the past security issues that Facebook incurred recently, who could blame these people? It is just natural for them to be highly concerned about their already established profiles.

The bottom line is that if you want to maintain privacy in Facebook, don’t reveal too much about your life at all. Facebook is a social media site. It is meant to be seen by the public. If you want to maintain exclusivity of your affairs, don’t expose them at this site or any other social networking site for that matter. You know very well that they will eventually be subjected to public scrutiny, no matter how large or small your network is. Always exercise discretion, especially in posting pictures, typing in Facebook “statuses,” and placing comments on other users’ pages. Facebook is about to make the use of Timeline mandatory for all. You might want to keep the points made here in mind once they do.

Author Bio:- Carlo de la Paz is a marketing professional for an e-commerce promotional items company.

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