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What’s in Store For Apple’s IOS 9?

The iOS 9 has just as many large and noticeable changes as it has smaller and less noticeable tweaks, but those are the unavoidable elements of the new operating system. What are the most notable features of Apple’s iOS9?

New and improved Siri

You can use Siri to search for places, times and photographs. It has been improved to make it 40% faster and a little more accurate. When it comes to voice control, it is going to take a few years before they get it right; this is just another iteration forwards.

Apple iOS 9 Features

The iOS identification function

There are plenty of times when you are called on your Apple phone with a withheld number or a number you do not recognize. Usually it is a PPI claim recorded message or somebody claiming you have won a prize. The iOS9 uses registered information to try and figure out who is calling before you pick up the phone.

Apple Pay on your phone

This is a function that you will find on the iOS9, and if you have a more modern phone or tablet, then you will be able to use Apple Pay in offline shops as well as online shops. The operating system will match up with the technology found in newer Apple devices, so that you may leave your cards (credit, debit, store and discount cards) and pay with just your phone in selected stores. At the moment, the selected stores are bigger branded/chain stores.

Privacy is sort of a big deal

It is hard to take Apple seriously when they claim they are going to protect your privacy and your data. Still, they claim that the iOS9 will protect your data and privacy by not sharing your information with third parties. However, since most of their problems revolve around people hacking into Apple accounts, the claims Apple make about safety and security are not very reassuring.

There is a new Notes app

Instead of just storing random thoughts, you will be able to create headings and checklists. You will also be able to tick them off and add drawings and images too. The notes app is moving further into Evernote territory. Will the Notes app grow even more in time as the iOS improves? Answer: “Yeah” and “Duh!”

Apple Maps includes a transit mode

Google has been dominating Apple Maps for years. In a vain attempt to keep running and catching up, the Apple map will now include transit routes that include the Tube. Google has had these for years, including bus, tube, monorail, tram, boat and train numbers, but hats off to Apple for at least trying to keep up. They could have just thrown in the towel and given up.

Low Power mode

When a salesperson tells you your new PC with fibre broadband is indestructible and 100% reliable and then tries to sell you the extended warranty–you tend to look upon the salesperson’s credibility with suspicion. Apple are supposed to create efficient devices that do not suck down the juice, and yet they have a feature on the iOS9 that is supposed to save you up to three hours of battery time.

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