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What’s all the Fuss about the iPhone 4S?

No matter where you are; the workplace, the bus, a restaurant you will undoubtedly see the flashes of the iPhone 4s’. Recently voted as the most popular smart phone, it’s hard to understand if you don’t own one what all the fuss is about. So here’s the low down on the phone that everyone’s talking about.

Firstly the iPhones are the epitome of choice, unlike so many phones around they are reminiscent of the old Nokia’s where you can personalise your phone with a case of your choice, you are able to stamp your own identity all over it. Alternatively you can purchase it in a sleek black or white.

iPhone4s deals are almost as tailor made as the covers you can purchase for it with mobile phone companies fighting it out to get your custom.

With its dual processors the iPhone 4s is speedy able to process the applications and internet at the same time. It also means it’s pretty nifty at processing application game play meaning no lag! It’s camera is state of the art, with a HDR feature allowing for the sharpest and best quality photos around. The perfect accessory for a night out or an event with friends. Capturing the heart of your activities and with the speediness it can be uploaded to your fave social network in the matter of minutes.

The iPhone is arguably the big fish in the big pond when it comes to applications with an application for everything from editing photos to playing pictionary, checking the arrival of the next bus and even doing your grocery shopping. There really isn’t any competition and the 4s capitalises this using the up to date hardware in the phone to release much more advanced applications.

The 4s introduces Siri – a state of the art voice control, Siri really changes the way mobile phones are utilised. With the introduction of Siri you can send text messages, make calender appointments or emails or simply ask for help all with the power of voice alone. Siri works like a technological personal assistant, you ask and she delivers it’s as simple as that.  A unique feature making the 4s both stand alone in it’s field and very exciting which is demonstrated in it’s popularity.

For along time one of the selling features of the rival company BlackBerry was the inclusion of in house messaging in the form of blackberry messenger a service which allowed Blackberry users to message each other for free. Included in the 4S updated phone is the iMessage application, in a similar fashion to BBM it allows iPhone users to message each other for free, a deciding factor in a lot of Blackberry users jumping ship.

It seems like the 4S could be continually popular for a long time coming with rival companies failing to top the sheer amount of facilities combined in the one hand held device.

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