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What Your Content Writer Is Not Telling You?

Content writing has become one of the two pillars of SEO recently. With Google placing increasing importance on content regularly, putting good, fresh, unique and informative content on your blog and website is becoming absolutely a must. Therefore people are looking for content writers like crazy. If they are lucky they are finding really genuine and brilliant writers to work for them. But finding a good writer is a difficult task as well. There are lots of so called writers who claim to give you fresh, informative and insightful content but you end up receiving some nonsensical stuff.

Probably, there are a few things which you are not aware of. Let me point out a few.

  1. Most writers, when they pick up trust and fame, outsource their work to other writers. Now these writers to whom the work has been outsourced are generally are not as good as the writer you have hired because these outsourced writers are cheap writers and so the quality is low too. So, although you hire a good writer by checking his own writing standard, when your work actually starts, you start getting crappy articles written by someone else.
  2. Failure to deliver on time is another feature. Most write ups, especially web page contents and press releases are often needed in a hurry. Although you may receive promises of a timely delivery but either you don’t receive anything or receive something which is better suited for the trash can.
  3. Experience is information which is often not provided correctly. Not that any of the SEO content writers has good amount of experience but certainly not all of them are swimming in experience. There are lots of talents out there and there is nothing like a talent, but using the talent in the right direction needs careful practice which comes with experience of years. Sadly, it is easy to fake to experience and credentials on the internet. Please be aware of this trap.
  4. After you hire a great writer and making sure he is not outsourcing his work, are you still getting crappy articles and other write ups? Time to check whether or not he is doing his quality research work before writing the articles. It is a difficult job to do quality research before writing every article but when you are paying him premium, you would certainly want that. Frankly, under the new circumstances, it is better to post few quality articles than to post 20 crappy articles.
  5. Keyword usage is another art which comes only with experience and no matter how talented your writer is he can’t get it done without much experience. So, if you are receiving promises like “I can insert all your keyword and make those flow naturally” from your author, believe only after you yourself read the article. While some keywords are easy to play with, some keywords are very difficult to insert while making it look natural. Instead if the writer is claiming to maintain a blanket density then he is making much more sense.

Keeping these points in mind, you need to look for a nice writer who can really take your website or portal to the next level.

Author Bio:- Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a content reviewer and editor working for IT Chimes, a leading web development company from India. He has an impressive track record of online content management. He is a regular contributor to popular article posting and public voice sharing websites.

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  • girjesh

    April 25, 2013, 11:22 pm

    Nowadays Content writing is a very big deal of search engine optimization. If our content will most powerful and unique then we can easily optimize the website rather than the comparison of low quality contents. Thanks for sharing above important points about content writers……

  • Ejaz

    April 25, 2013, 9:18 pm

    Great post, this is really true as i appreciate with it


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