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What You Can Expect From Nano Sim Card?

The Nano SIM is said to be tiny enough to snugly fit on the pinkie finger and even smaller enough to be swallowed. Measuring 12mm x 9mm and thinner by 0.65 mm than the Micro SIM cards; the Nano SIM is easily the smallest SIM card found in the world.

The small nature of the Nano SIM cards makes them highly functional and they might just revolutionize the cell phone industry. SIM cards play a much more important role than merely allowing connectivity to service providers networks; the Nano SIM could just open up the gateway to the evolution of mobile devices which will function without SIM cards.

Unraveling the mystery about the Nano SIM cards

The Nano SIM is a Giesecke & Devrient (G & D) innovation; the company which is credited for invented the SIM card back in 1991. The German company made a recent announcement that the Nano SIM is slated for release into the market with a smart phone very soon. They stated that the SIM will be released into the market as early as January 2012. This led to the speculation that the iPhone 5, which is also slated for release in January 2012, will come bundled up with the Nano SIM.

At 12 mm by 9 mm in dimension, the Nano SIM is 60% smaller in size than the regular SIM cards. But when the Nano is compared to the Mico SIM cards, it has shrunk down in size by 15%. There are several advantages why smaller SIM cards will be greatly functional in mobile devices:

  • Smaller SIM cards mean smaller card slots on mobile devices, leaving enough room to pack up more technological tweaks in the mobile devices. The space left will be occupied by more hardware dedicated towards enhancing the performance of mobile devices.
  • Not only will the thinner SIM cards mean more hardware room in mobile, but the mobile devices will also come in sexier svelte packages. Consumers are consistently going for thinner, svelte mobile devices because of their aesthetic appeal and enhanced portability.
  • The Nano SIM also comes with a much higher memory muscle; which refers to its ability to process the memory of the device it is fitted into.
  • The Nano SIM cards will allow phone manufacturers to not only accommodate more external memory on the devices, but increase the internal memory as well. The small nature of the SIMs will allow manufacturers to increase the memory chips that the devices need to store more memory.
  • The extra space could also lead to the increase of battery size, allowing the mobile devices to consume less energy and the phones can stay on for longer periods of time.

The advantages of mass producing the Nano SIM Cards

The Nano SIM card is yet to be launched into the market, but it does not hurt to envision how it will impact the phone industry in the future. To begin with, the small nature of the cards means that they will be relatively easier to produce and they will disregard the wastage of material during the manufacturing process. This consequently leads to cutting back on manufacturing costs and the Nano SIM cards are expected to cost less than the current SIM cards. The reduction in cost will trickle down to carriers who might just charge lower rates and provide better services. This might just see the Nano SIM adopted as the industry standard SIM as mobile devices also go through technological evolution.

This does not mean that the Nano SIM cards will be openly embraced and will come without any short comings. Just like the industry is still accommodating the Micro SIM cards; it will take a while before both phone manufacturers and consumers embrace the Nano SIM cards. The SIM cards pose the risk of consumers constantly losing them when swapping the cards between different mobile devices. Swapping the SIM between different mobile devices might also be challenging, because of compatibility issues. G & D have however promised to address this issue by allowing backward compatibility, which will see old phone models accommodate the Nano SIM cards via adaptors.

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