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What Unlimited Web Hosting Actually Is And How It Can Help Your Website

As a web developer, the key element in finding for a good web host is that it offers enough disk space and bandwidth capacity for a typical website. So when there are offers like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, we jump right in because this is what we need.

Imagine, you have no limit on how much images, videos,etc you can save in your website and you won’t exceed the bandwidth limit because the web host said that that there are unlimited disk space and bandwidth. So not minding about the limits since your unlimited hosting provider you do what ever means possible to satisfy your unlimited hosting craving. Then you found out that after a month, your unlimited is not really unlimited because your so-called “unlimited web hosting” is really limited.

Why is that?

The truth is there are limits in unlimited because the hosting provider have to pay for these things.

Bandwidth. Bandwidth is a network line that carries data around the web. It can be a copper wire, cable, or fiber optics and these all have limited capacity.

Disk space. Disk space is the space allotted for you to store files in your website. There is no such thing as unlimited disk space because of the limit of that hardware the web hosting company is using. So even if it is 1 terabyte or more, it still is limited.

Marketing Strategy. Unlimited web hosting provider knows that if you are a new website, you will consume fewer disk space and bandwidth. So having unlimited offer is only a marketing trick and to stay competitive. If web hosting today put numbers in disk space and bandwidth (ex. 10GB disk space 100B GB bandwidth) people won’t notice it where in fact they all have the same limits in their cheap web hosting plans. The “unlimited” word was the only way to mask it.

Is unlimited web hosting worth it?

Since this unlimited thing a new way to define a web host, we cannot resist to accept these offers because compared to telling the truth, unlimited hosting sells.

Unlimited web hosting is worth it only if you read and observe.

Here is where you find their unlimited secrets:

The web hosting service’s Terms and Condition. It may be lengthy and tiring to read but it sure pays to know what these guys are really up to. Some host restrict the number of visitors your website can have even though you opted for unlimited bandwidth plan. Although they say it is a way to keep the best performance possible in a plan but I believe its their way of urging you to shift to a more expensive web hosting plan.

Will it be OK for my website?

The question is how big are you planning to go in your website. Do you plan to get to fame fast or you want to take things slow, more like a hobby than an online business. If you are aiming for my second option, unlimited web hosting can last for years without problems in reaching the disk and bandwidth limit.

But if you want to get things fast, aim for many visitors per day, have videos and music available for download unlimited web hosting is not your thing. The worst these web hosts can do is to shut down your website or bill you for the extra space and bandwidth you have consumed.

Author Bio:- This article was written by Tom george, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom help people to choose the Business web hosting and the best ASP.NET web hosting service for their business.

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