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What to do if your Blog is not getting index fast in google

This is a very common problem for every new blogger. Getting index fast in google means, fast traffic for your new published posts. The more you write, the fast it get index, will increase traffic to your blog. But what to do if your blog is not getting index in google and other search engines.

There are some factors behind this logic. Most popular blogs are getting index in less then a minute and unpopular blog can take 1 hour to 24 hours to get index in google and other search engines. To know about this logic, you must follow the below steps to get index fast in google.

Tips to get index in Google

  1. Create Backlinks for your blog Home page
  2. Write quality contents
  3. Write unique contents
  4. Write as much as you can
  5. Write guest posts in other blogs
  6. Post comments in popular forums like Digital Point, V7 etc.
  7. In spare time submit your blog to Top Blog Directories
  8. In more spare time submit articles to Top Article Websites and add your Home Page link in author bio.
  9. Advertise your blog as much as you can (Form Posting, Link Exchange, Directory, Article, and Press release submission.
  10. Submit your blog to Top Social Media websites (Recommended)

Using the above tips your blog will become popular and google will index your blog in less then 1 minute. Google give more preference to those blog, which are popular on internet. The more Backlinks to your blog will boost your SERP and index rate. So keep concentrate on quality content and quality backlinks. You can also make your blog dofollow, for getting backlinks and traffic.

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