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What Technical Language Students Need- Electronic Dictionaries

Electronic DictionariesLearning a language itself is difficult enough. Aside from your teacher or personal tutor, you will need a partner who can help you with learning the language easily and comfortably, anytime and anywhere. Someone you can bring along with, someone who won’t let you down. A foreigner best friend? Well, you will need more than that. What you need is a portable one!

Electronic dictionaries (or e-dictionaries) are capable of this function. It’s an advanced technology that’s handy, stylish, and has various usages. Depending on the type of the dictionary, it can be monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual. It also provides audio pronunciation functions that can help you learn the language well. Other capabilities include e-book readers, internet access, and voice recording tools.

There are dictionaries designed specifically for travelers. Their advanced feature includes a “talking dictionary.” Simply say a sentence through the microphone and your e-dictionary will do the translated “talking” for you. For example, you are talking with a vendor in a foreign country and you want to ask how much is something. You take out your dictionary, say “how much is this?” and it will automatically say it out loud! If that’s not enough, then try the stylus option that searches words as it is written on the screen.

But my favorite one is the built-in camera that not only allows you to capture moments, but also capture foreign words or characters from places, books, or anywhere, and it displays the definition automatically. How amazing can that be?

There are other ranges of additional features available. If you want entertainment, it has an mp3 and video player that is perfect for listening podcasts or watching video lessons while you are on the go. Others have thesauruses, encyclopedias, grammar references, quizzes, language games, flash cards, alarm clock, currency converter, calendar, calculator, memo holder, and more.

This handheld device is perfect not only for language learners, but also for travelers and translators. It’s the perfect best friend that will serve you faithfully along the way.

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