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What Size Smartphone Is Right for You?

Cell phones are essential, but they’re not one-size-fits-all. Everyone has different needs, which require different phones. It’s not all about choosing between 3G and 4G, different apps, or even carriers, either. When you use your phone a lot, size is more important than anything. In addition to the screen size, the dimensions of the actual body of the phone are crucial to consider.

After all, you carry your phone a lot. You talk, text, listen to music, and watch podcasts. Having something too heavy isn’t at all practical. Don’t worry, though. There are many things to think about, but if you follow these simple tips, you’ll easily find the right smartphone for you!

How’s the Heft?


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Can you really measure the weight of a smartphone? After all, your phone plays a huge part in your life. Almost everyone has a phone, most have smartphones, and they rely on them more and more each day. Still, you have to think about how heavy your phone is. You might actually need something heavy.

Some people prefer heavy-duty, durable phones, because they withstand anything. If you often drop your phone, carry it around in highly active or physical situations, or just like something with a lot of heft to it, then something heavier is better. Then again, you may prefer something lightweight and easy to carry. Practice first — pick up and handle different phones, hold them to your ear, and judge how comfortable they are for you.

Like a Hand in a Glove

hand in glove

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Your phone also needs to fit comfortably in your hand. Do you get hand cramps after using your current phone? You can easily trade it for something smaller. If you have small hands, it stands to reason that you need a smaller, more compact phone.

Conversely, people with larger grips feel more comfortable with wider, sturdier phones. Again, it pays to try different smartphones before making a purchase. Just carry around your favorites and see how they feel. Your hands will definitely thank you!

A Superior Screen

superior screen

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Screen size is another important factor. Tech fans believe that the bigger the screen, the better, but that isn’t always true. Several key factors go into deciding the best size screen, such as:

  • Your eyesight because you don’t want to squint at small screens
  • The amount of time you text
  • The type of apps you use
  • Whether you play games on your phone

Think about these things and decide whether you need a large or small screen. Those who use their phones simply to talk and text like smaller viewing displays, while gamers, fans of podcasts, and people who enjoy reading or surfing the Internet want something big and easy to read.

Flip vs. Touch

filp and touch

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The type of phone you buy makes a big difference. Smartphones come in all shapes, styles, and designs. There are still lots of flip phones out there, some of which are vertically aligned while others are horizontal. Slider phones are natural offshoots of flip phones, so you might like those instead. Touch screens provide more display room, but they’re also more fragile. However, if you’re careful, buy a quality case, and apply a protective cover, they’re also incredibly versatile.

As you can see, lots of considerations go into choosing a smartphone. There’s little difference in quality, so don’t feel like you’re sacrificing if you choose a lightweight phone with a smaller screen. You’ll still have access to great applications and dazzling resolution. Just take the time to find what you like, handle the phones that top your list, and discover which one works best for you!

Author Bio:- Emily Green is a freelance writer and a lover of all things tech. She suggests that you check out information on prepaid phones to learn about the variety of smartphone sizes available with these less-expensive options.

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