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What Should Email Marketers Know About the New Apple iOS6 VIP Mailbox?

Apple previewed the upcoming VIP Mailbox for its Mail client during a keynote speech at the recent WWDC in San Francisco. The service will be a part of the new iOS6, and therefore, available on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices. This exciting feature promises to change the email experience for the better, so here are the juicy details email marketers need to know about the launch.

Made for Whitelisting

With all the spam infiltrating inboxes across the internet, email marketers are always strongly encouraged to convince subscribers to add them to their address book or “whitelist” of approved senders. The VIP Mailbox in the new iOS6 was made for this purpose. In the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, users can easily create and add to a VIP list of senders they want to hear from. Once a contact is added to the list, their message is guaranteed to land in the user’s inbox. This a tremendous luxury for the user who is worried about missing out on important messages, as well as senders who want to ensure their marketing message gets through.

It’s iCloud-Friendly

Last year, Apple introduced iCloud, a cloud-based service that allows users to store and sync files on the company’s remote servers. A replacement for the struggling MobileMe, the service supports a wide variety of digital media files, including email. For this reason, we were not surprised to learn that the new VIP Mailbox would be fully compatible with the iCloud service. The benefits of this relationship go beyond the ability to store emails. What’s really to like is the rich syncing capabilities that allow a user’s VIP list to be transferred from one device to another. So if an email marketer has the green light on an iPad, they will also receive special treatment on iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

Rules of Engagement Still Apply

The introduction of the VIP Mailbox is undeniably a nice addition to the iOS Mail experience, which wasn’t bad, but like fine wine, seems to get better with time. In a nutshell, it provides a simple way for users to control their inbox and maximize the visibility of the messages they want to see. Having said that, email marketers need to understand that their job never ends. Simply having the ability to add senders to a VIP list doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be used for all contacts. If you want guaranteed access to the inbox, you must give your subscribers a reason to add you to that coveted list.


Apple is scheduled to release the highly anticipated iOS6 operating system in the fall of 2012. And while the software has a ton of interesting features on the menu, the VIP Mailbox is the one that arguably matters most to email marketers. The good thing is that it caters to legitimate senders out of the box, so do your job of creating valuable, engaging content, and it just may provide a notable boost for your delivery rates.

Author Bio:- Francis Santos  is a writer for an email marketing software company.

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