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What RJMetrics Benchmark Report 2015 on eCommerce development teaches us

Undoubtedly today eCommerce is the most rapidly developing sector of marketing. To a great extent it expands according to the same rules regular marketing does, but on the other hand, the field of eCommerce has many peculiarities. That is why it is highly important for any Magento entrepreneur to keep track of eCommerce trends and consistent patterns of evolvement. This would give one an insight and know-how’s on how to make his business stronger and more prosperous.

Since it is extremely hard to find entrepreneurs that enjoy reading hundreds of statistical reports, we did this hard job for (don’t thank us) and are ready to introduce to you the main take-outs from RJMetrics Benchamrk Report on eCommerce development that was recently published. RJMetrics is a company focused on statistical analysis of the modern markets. The main aim of this report is to figure out what are the main growth drivers for online marketing today. And here is the list of the most influential ones.

eCommerce development

Mobile and tablet shopping

If you want your Magento shop to succeed, you should be ready for the so-called Generation Z. This is a term for the generation of the ones born in the late 80s or early 90s, who grew up with all the modern technology at their hands. Today people aged 18-25 are at least 35% of the total amount of online shoppers. And they prefer to shop online with their phones. With the increasing market of smartphones that has made a significant leap in the past three years, no wonder that during 2014 the amount of purchases that were made via tablet or mobile phones increased by 48%. To crown that, the amount of mobile and tablet shopping exceeded the desktop purchases almost in three times. According to forecast, by 2017 shopping with the help of mobile phones will occupy at least 50% of all purchases we make. This way if your Magento store doesn’t have a mobile version yet, you’d better get ready for that and meet 2017 well prepared.

Quick delivery & sophisticated logistics

Another factor that customers pay great attention to is quick delivery. ‘Nothing new here’ – you might say. – ‘Having a quick delivery has always been an advantage’. But in 2015 it is not merely an advantage, it is a necessity. An interesting thing here is that the top eCommerce companies that had previously relied in their delivery services on shipping monopolists like FedEx or UPS, today start turning away from them. Some researchers say that using the services of those giants doesn’t give you any advantage here, since with them you will be able to deliver the order exactly with the same speed your competitor can. This is the reason top-sellers in eCommerce now prefer to switch to their own delivery in order to win extra points in the fight for the customer.

Even if your Magento shop can’t afford private delivery service, you might want to work on the time that takes you to pack the order. Make the Product Grid of your Magento store configurable and add a few additional fields e.g. shelves numbers where the goods are stored or what SKUs they have as well as train your staff to pack efficiently with minimum time required. Remember a day you will win on delivery will win you a lot more customers.

Working internationally

There are no borders in Internet and with every year international sales make a bigger part of top sellers revenue. Of course this has always been the case for such giants as Ebay or Amazon. But as the results of 2014 show now even middle-sized companies manage to get their piece of pie from international sales. And this pie smells really good. In 2014 the total amount of international sales in B2C sector hit 1.5 trillion dollars and the results of the first two quarters of 2015 show that the trend is going to save its position this year as well. The leading role here belongs to Asia Pacific region with more than 500 billion dollars in 2014 and the forecast for 680 billion in 2015. North America comes second and Western Europe is the third. Marketers agree that by 2017 the total amount of international sales will be around 2.7 billion dollars. And if you want your Magento store to be a part of this, start selling internationally today.

We hope this statistics have given you a few hints on how to develop your Magento store and what to wait from eCommerce in the next couple of years.

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