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What Programs are Safe to Uninstall from Computer or Laptop?

Computers with low storage device and low RAM always run out of space and memory with the passage of time. In this scenario a user either need to upgrade the storage devices or simply need to remove the unwanted and unneeded programs and softwares. However for a non technical person it is hard to know which program is safe to remove and which one is not.

Although it is hard to answer because it totally depends on the operating system used by the user and the number of programs that the user is currently using. Some of the programs are needed to run another software and removing such programs can stop the software from running, so it is always advised to be careful when removing a program.

In this short Post I will be sharing some of the tips that could help you in deciding weather a program needs to be uninstalled or not. Have a look on the tips below:

1# Third Party Programs

Although there could be other but I recommend “Should I Remove It” because it is FREE and can be used to uninstall programs securely. Download the software from here. With each program the software adds a button “What is it?” allowing you to know more about the program so that you can be sure that the program will not effect any of the currently used software.

2# cCleaner

cCleaner is a great software built by Piriform which scans your computer for temporary files, cookies, internet history and makes your PC faster. However this program can also be used to uninstall programs which are currently installed in your computer. It shows the list of all programs under the “Tools>Uninstall” panel and you can directly uninstall from there. However you still need to watch out for the programs that may effect the functionality of the other softwares.

Download from Here

3# Important Files Not to be removed

As I mentioned earlier it all depends on the operating system and softwares installed by the users. However below are some of the programs that should not be removed.

  • Any files associated with Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Any file associated with the manufacture of your computer/laptop. e.g Dell, HP,Lenovo etc…
  • Any file associated with Adobe. e,g Adobe Reader, Flash Player etc…
  • Any file which may be associated with a software or program that you currently use.
  • Drivers

4# Installation Date

If you are still not sure which one to uninstall, simply look out for the dates of the programs. If you have not install any important program recently then by looking at the dates you can remove the files that looks unfamiliar to you.

5# Programs to Uninstall

The following programs can be removed safely from any computer, considering if you don’t recognize them or if you have not installed personally OR you don’t need them any more. Have a look on the list below.

  • Toolbars
  • Multiple Programs such as Anti Virus, PC Optimizers etc..
  • Programs developed by Unknown Developers

Although There is not a precise list of files that can be considered safe to uninstall, however the above tips will give an idea of which programs can be removed safely. You can also view the list of files collected by BleepingCoumputer.com that can be uninstalled safely.

Hope you like the article. If you you would like to mention any other tip or program, feel free to share below in the comment section.

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  • Priyanka Verma

    January 30, 2014, 3:04 am

    I want confused which programme to uninstall as the speed of my laptop if very low and now i get to know how to decide which programe are safe to unistall.Hope now the speed will be good.
    Thank you bilala for sharing this useful article.


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