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What Metrics Matter in Twitter

To keep a tab on your Twitter followers is not the only metric to measure your success. You can be happy with 100 followers who interact and participate than having 1000 followers who do not pay any heed to what you discuss. The number of followers is just one way to see your tweet effectiveness. There many other metrics beyond follower count to evaluate your place in the social media community.

Metrics that matter and count

There are metrics like engagement, popular ages and tweets/re-tweets, conversions, klout scores or your followers’ time zones that you can watch out for. You should always be sure to target the right followers for high engagement and conversion rates from your account.

To get a quick glimpse of your followers’ interests you can opt for a keyword analysis of their bios. This will help you in analyzing what positions your followers fall into in the aggregate. If your target audience is not apt, they will not engage with you as you anticipated. Next metric meter could be Tweriod which can help you pull all your followers time zone information at a glance.

You can tweet them during the time when they are awake to increase the eye ball count of your tweets. This will also help you in getting retweets. Another effective metric is your Klout score. This could be an effective measure of how often you are retweeted and by how many followers. Klout analyzes the total outlay of the user’s Twitter activity. Therefore it is imperative to know the quality along with the quantity of your fans.

Tips to increase effectiveness of your tweets

You should constantly update your page content and keep your audience engaged in an online branding platform like twitter. Organizations using this social media tool for branding and marketing need to see beyond numbers of their followers or retweets to determine why they are popular.

For instance it could be a video upload that multiplies the number of retweets. Also being listed number of times is a good indicator of one’s influence in their community. One could have more than 20,000 followers but could have been listed less than 20 times, which indicates that the person is not very influential in his/her respective field.


As businesses get more tech-savvy, use of social networking sites and their metrics will help measure their ROI in social business. Metrics could also depend on the size of the organization, products they offer and more. But some social media metrics as discussed above can be applied widely. One can also use these metrics on a personal twitter account for the same reasons of knowing how influential and popular they are and to focus on strategies to increase retweets and klout scores than just focusing on the number of followers.

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