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What Makes Your Blog Different From Other Blogs

Blogging competition is on its boom level. Every day new members are coming to join Blogging Community for the sack of money earning, increasing knowledge etc. But the question is Whats make your blog different from other blogs. What is the theme of your blog? What is the topic of your blog? Is the topic really suite your blog?

These are some of the important questions, you may be thinking of. But now you have to think seriously on these questions. You must start a blog, which is totally unique from others blog. Which must have totally unique theme, topic and nature.

But this is one of the difficult task to find theme, topic and nature for your blog. But one thing can help you to answer these questions, and that is your knowledge.

Think about your knowledge. Think about your expertise. When you will come to know that in which field you can make difference, then you will be able to start a unique blog. Just write what your knowledge say about the topic. Don’t copy paste articles from other blogs.

If you want to beat this competition,then you have to think seriously on the above questions. Before starting blog, first set a goal for it. Make a plan for what you should write in your blog, and what you should not. This will make your blog different from other blogs.

This is the only way to make your blog unique from other blogs. Just follow you own knowledge. You can read others articles written on any topic, but don’t copy paste his article. Try to add more knowledge in the topic. Give your readers informative post. This is called uniqueness, and this is the only way you can make your blog different from other blogs.

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