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What Makes a Smart Television Smart?

Smart TV is a term that has sprung up and become very prominent in advertising media, electrical retailers and on the Internet. Many of the new breed of LED televisions are being sold with smart technology. But what exactly does it mean and what can a smart TV do for us that the lump of glass and plastic sat in the corner of the room that we bought a few years ago can’t?

smart tv

In simple terms, smart TV fuses the Internet and conventional television together to bring access to a whole new world of entertainment. Effectively, it has become not only a conventional television but a computer and a communication device as well.

How does it Work?

Most of us are familiar with the wireless router that takes our internet connection and broadcasts it around the house. This enables us to keep our laptops, smart phones and other communication devices connected anywhere in the home. Now we can add the television to that list. Smart televisions have the ability to connect with the wireless router and contain an operating system much like a computer.

Connecting to a router means that the television can now be wirelessly networked with other devices around the home. Some of the main manufacturers have clubbed together to develop a system known as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). This is a standard that enables devices from some of the main electrical giants to communicate with each other on the home network. Sending media files from your computer, games console, blu-ray player or mass-storage device to play on the TV from anywhere in the home, is now a simple, wireless process.

What are the Benefits?

Of course, the main benefit of smart TV is that it gives instant access to the Internet and everything that is available on it. With all of the international streaming entertainment out there, this is truly television without boundaries. Not limited to television, we are also talking about music, films, electronic books and newspapers as well as the ability to browse millions of websites.

Another of the key benefits brought by smart TV is that with easy installation of some applications like Skype and Facebook, communication via the television has become a two-way process. Not only can we receive, but we can also send. It is now perfectly feasible to do away with the home telephone and replace it with the television as the main way of staying in touch with friends and relatives.

Interacting with your Smart TV

Do you know where your remote control is right now? With a Smart TV you can forget all that!  Another amazing feature is the different ways it can receive instructions from you. Many or all of the following are standard features that make the remote control a thing of the past.

1. Face Recognition

Sitting down in front of a TV that recognizes you and brings up all of your stored preferences and favorites

2. Gesture Control

Imagine sitting in your armchair and waving your hand at the TV in order to change programmes or navigate a menu.

3. Voice Control

Just tell your TV what to do and it does it.

Smart TV is bringing a whole new dimension to our viewing, entertainment and communication experience. What was formerly a very limited device, has evolved into the complete entertainment center; allowing us to do away with a whole plethora of electrical equipment and cables that used to clutter our living space.

Author Bio:- David is technology enthusiast who reviews the latest LED Televisions to get the very best in sound quality and picture technology.

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