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What Large Enterprise Solutions Aren’t You Utilizing?

Various large enterprise solutions are available for any size businesses. Choices that a business may use include a communications solution and a printing solution. Another option available to any type of business may include the use of web collaboration.


A major component to any enterprise is a wireless communication solution. One option that is available for use is a blackberry. This is a solution that allows mobile business users to easily connect to an office and customers to conduct daily business activities. A blackberry device can be used to integrate with an email system and to connect to the Internet. Also available is instant messaging and management of any personal information such as an address book and calendar synchronization. These devices also provide mobile access to the Internet and data on network systems. The key to this type of enterprise solution is the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Mobile Printing

This is an enterprise solution that gives employees of any corporate structure a mobile print solution for an Internet enabled device. This is done by providing access to cloud services to print wherever access is available to the Internet. Utilizing this solution is done by with the HP ePrint Enterprise mobile printing solution. Enabling this solution requires the HP Managed Print Services Agreement. A smartphone can install an app that provides access to HP ePrint Mobile Print locations. Common files types for use with HP ePrint mobile printing solutions include PDF files, Word files, image files, and text documents. Any employee of a mobile workforce can use this solution when at a remote location and from home.

Web Collaboration

Web collaboration between large businesses and clients requires a web conferencing solution. One type that is available is WebEx from Cisco. Web solutions provided by WebEX allows for a business to have meetings, hold training sessions, specific events, seminars and customer support. This solution is easily customizable and will integrate easily with existing computer systems. A WebEx solution used with any large business is provided as a software-as-a-service. This means that no additional hardware is needed to implement this enterprise solution because users will access available tools on the cloud. A complete set of applications are available or specific solutions can be implemented.

Additional Information

The type of large enterprise solution for a business will depend on current needs and resources. The use of any solution allows access to information and network applications on a computer system.

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