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What Is Speech Analysis Software And How Can It Aid Call Centre Employees?

Telecommunication has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and with companies continuously looking for ways to improve customer service, new and innovative data management and call tracking systems are being introduced into businesses.

Speech analytics technology, for instance, is being used throughout the telecommunications industry including Manchester call centre jobs to ensure phone conversations between staff and clients are as good as they can be – but what is this type of software? And how can it aid call centre employees?

Speech Analysis for Call Centre

Speech analysis software

Speech analysis software is a computer program which monitors every second of every call that comes into or goes out of your call centre in real time – something which would the incredibly hard (if not impossible) to achieve manually. There are many different types of analytics software available, but essentially this type of system works to detect specific speech patterns, words and phrases to help improve the interaction between call centre agents and customers. It can even look out for heated or particularly emotional conversations and ferret out when a client is becoming frustrated or about to get angry.

With speech analysis software, companies can also keep a close eye on which competitor brand names are being used during phone calls and review anything bad that’s said against the organisation itself. Some systems can also detect the age of callers through the tone of their voice, which can, in turn, identify how effective a particular marketing campaign is on specific age groups.

How can it aid call centre workers?

Software of this kind is undoubtedly useful for call centres, not only because it gives a more thorough understanding of the telecommunications industry but because it can help call centre employees to be the best they can be. How? Well, it’s possible to set up speech analytics software to listen out for specific words/phrases and (based on these), provide call centre agents with proactive responses. Say, for instance, a client is getting cross because they think a hotel room is too expensive. The analytics system might flag up the word ‘expensive’ and encourage the agent to discuss deals of the day or early bird offers to help keep them interested.

Similarly, with analytics software, it’s easy for companies to detect call centre agents who are being lazy or who aren’t dealing with customer queries in the best way possible. If a problem is detected, you can then offer more training, take disciplinary action or revise ways in which the whole call centre team can better their telecommunications skills.
It’s worth remembering also, that staff members are more likely to abide by company rules and protocol if they know their conversations are being monitored, so it’s well worth investing in speech analytics software.

The benefits of speech analysis software are plentiful and with more and more companies investing in such computer programs it’s important to keep up with technological improvements to ensure you don’t fall behind in terms of communication standards. People expect impeccable customer service these days and will quite easily go elsewhere if they’re not satisfied, so don’t the risk of losing business.

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