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What is New in iPhone Application Development for the Version 5?

This time Apple has attained a remarkable success with the release of iPhone 5. They sold more than 5 million devices in first three days. Such figure has never been attained in the past. When Apple released iPhone 4S in October 2011, they sold only 4 million units in its first weekend. Still, Apple’s position is not stable as other smartphone developers keep giving a hard time to it.

In spite of being the most successful name in the smartphone domain, Apple is not world’s top smartphone seller. Samsung has turned out to be the biggest competitor since it has begun to use Android as its core software. Today Samsung sells more smart phones than Apple. But iPhone can take the lead again if it encourages iPhone developers to create apps particularly for the version 5.

Let us understand about the iPhone application development for the version 5.

iOS 6 Framework for iPhone 5 Developers

iPhone 5 is running on iOS 6, which is Apple’s newest mobile OS for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. This OS has several amazing features like reminders, notification center, newsstand, iCloud and so on. A more advanced SDK has also been released. It will help developers building better apps for iPhone 5. New development tools give immense freedom to developers who have creative ideas.

iOS 6 for developers

The new OS comes with a laundry-list of features to create the best iOS apps yet. Developers can download SDK to use following features:


iPhone application developers now have an amazing Maps engine to integrate with apps. The Maps Kit allows you to take the advantages of beautiful cartography and vector-based interactivity.


Now iOS 6 comes with integrated Facebook. Facebook’s support lets users have more ways to connect and share. With a Facebook Integration, users can post status and share photos with friends through your app.


Passbook is a new feature in iOS 6 to organize boarding passes, tickets, gift cards and loyalty cards. Apple has released the Pass Kit APIs to add Passbook’s features to an app.

Game Center

This feature is quite useful in making of games, particularly multiplayer games. Its integration is easy with apps


Developers can build apps that can access and share to do lists in the reminder app. Reminders can be modified with event kit framework. You can also modify properties, and set location and time-based alarms.


New APIs let you use the powerful features of iPhone’5 camera. It now also supports face detection.

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