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What Inspire Others to Blog?

First of all lets discuss the reasons why many peoples all around the globe are inspired from blogging. The three main reasons behind this are:

1# Knowledge

Masses of people are attracted towards blogging just for attaining the knowledge by reading other bloggers posts and then sharing there posts with others. As they all know that there is always a room for improvement and hence surfing world wide web to blog is the best way to sharpen there brain while attaining the interaction with other bloggers .Actually bloggers are inspired by the barter system adopted these days such as if you will share your knowledge you will also gain some knowledge with a profit that you will be perfect in what you know and share with others every day. So serve others and gain knowledge.

2# Reputation

Have you ever thought of being famous? Yes, then here is your chance of being famous among the bloggers. Reputation on internet also has tended to cause the rapid increase in the numbers of bloggers and hence most of the new comers are attracted and inspired from blogging. Reputation can easily be build by submitting your posts on other quality blogs. But be aware before submitting the post because such blogs only accept quality posts as such blogs always have a thought that content is the king in blogging. So ensure the quality of the article and get famous.

3# Earnings

Many bloggers opt blogging as there hobby due to the increasing demand and popularity of contents, online reputation etc. Is blogging your hobby? Then it will be great pleasure for you to earn from your hobby. There is a say that the person that is earning from his hobby is the happiest person in the universe. So many people opt blogging as there hobby as well as the source of income .So earning has what has inspired many teenagers towards blogging and it is one of the most important source to inspire others towards blogging because Money speaks and speaks a lot when you have attain all the three facts of blogging mentioned above.


Recommended you to inspire newbie’s for blogging or just share your opinions and thoughts if you have inspired some one ever for being a blogger and don’t hesitate to mention other things which are inspiring others for being a blogger that is not discussed in the post.

So proud to be a blogger.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Jay for free sms

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  • Rahul

    December 1, 2012, 5:51 pm

    hii bilal
    i am very inspired with you in today’s blogging make profession and made source of earning and provide knowledge to others


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