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What Do You Need to Compete in Esports?

Esports is huge right now. Statista’s report on esports viewership reveals that as of 2018, there were 222 million occasional viewers of competitive gaming and 173 million frequent viewers or enthusiasts. These figures are set to increase to 347 million and 297 million, respectively, by 2019.

Gamers all over the world want to be part of that, reaching fame and fortune and getting in front of those hundreds of millions of players. However, becoming an esports pro requires more than your average tech hardware and devices.

Why Internet Connectivity is So Important

The first thing you’ll need to get right is your Internet speed. Having slow Internet speed or a poor connection to the servers powering an online multiplayer game is referred to as “lag”. It means that your actions in the game are registered later than your opponent’s and you see your opponent’s actions later than when they performed them. This can put you at a massive disadvantage as you can’t react quick enough to what they’re doing or get the upper hand on your opponent with a poor quality connection.

High Speed Internet recommends a download speed of 3Mbps or more and an upload speed of 1Mbps or more with a ping rate of around 150ms, but ideally, you’ll want as many Mbps and as a low a ping rate as you can get. Sometimes, improving these figures is about making sure no one else on your Wi-Fi is using a bandwidth-heavy program (such as streaming), getting your own Wi-Fi, or closing down any downloads or programs you have in the background of your game. However, if your lag persists, you may want to switch Internet providers.

How to Get Your Desk Layout Right

The next step is to get your desk layout right. In order to be a professional esports player, you need to be organized. How can you play at your best if there are empty chip packets and crushed cola cans strewn about the place? Make sure to clean up your desk, giving yourself enough room to manoeuvre effectively. You don’t want to accidentally knock something off your desk – in online multiplayer games, there are rarely any opportunities to take a break and pick things up!

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re comfortable as in some games, such as League of Legends, matches can go on for an hour or more. PC Gamer’s roundup of the most comfortable gaming chairs recommends chairs like the Secretlab Omega, the Respawn 200, and the DXRacer Classic Series, reviewing them based on the cost and the comfort. For added comfort and to ensure you don’t get aches in those long gaming sessions, invest in ergonomic mousepads and keyboard wrests too.

What Kind of Hardware Do You Need

If you follow esports closely then you’ll know that all of the best video game players are using the best hardware. Betway lists popular esports betting matchups for games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Dota 2. Some of the best League of Legends teams, according to esports betting odds, are teams like Vici Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and Edward Gaming. They compete for millions of dollars in their tournaments and what they all have in common is high-performance hardware.

They have high-definition computer monitors that allow them to see every fine detail in the game, allowing them to analyze the battlefield and use smart strategies. They also use sturdy keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow, which has a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes and has anti-ghosting technology, preventing the keyboard from registering accidental inputs and is useful in case you brush a key without meaning to. While accessories like the world’s most expensive mouse look flashy, the best esports pros aren’t using diamond-encrusted gadgets, they’re using computer mice with incredible precision, additional buttons and are ergonomic so that their hands don’t cramp.

There’s a lot more to becoming an esports pro. It also involves a huge amount of training, great chemistry with your teammates and an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. However, getting your hardware and accessories is just as important.

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