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What Do You Gain From Penetration Testing?

Web Penetration testing is also known as “Pen Test”, it is a testing procedure to test the strength of the network perimeters. It checks the security via ethical hacking for the possible vulnerabilities and breaches.

  • Why is it important?

The security of the network just doesn’t end by deploying an anti virus program or a vulnerability scanner, it is not enough for the protection of a system from potential attack. Though it is very important to have a vulnerability scanner installed; there are still possibilities of weaknesses for which you need a penetration testing.

This is done by actually exploring the vulnerabilities of your network. It is a comprehensive test and if it is not performed there is a constant threat of data being disclosed to unwanted trespassers.

  • How it works?

The website penetration testing professionals work on the grounds where they take into consideration that the hackers have more knowledge of the vulnerabilities than the organizations running a network. Hence the professionals use the same techniques to test the security levels that they think the hackers will use to hack the network.

The actual test is divided into two stages; wherein at first the potential vulnerabilities are located and the next stage is about exploiting the vulnerabilities further so that an appropriate solution can be reinforced.

The Hackers Locked professionals test the vulnerabilities using the similar techniques that a malicious hacker would use but there is difference in their approach as they are working to secure the data and not put it into any kind of jeopardy.

  • What do you gain out of performing such tests?

There are various benefits of getting a website security check a few of them are listed here:

Better customer response:

These tests make sure that your network is free from all kind of vulnerabilities and thus you are able to give better services to your customers.

Better Corporate Image:

By getting a strong security against all kind of penetration threats you are able to generate more business and concentrate on planning and achieving your corporate goals.

Reduced Losses:

First of all it is important to know that getting a penetration test is not an expensive ordeal, and it can save a lot for you in return. When any information or data is stolen it is not the only loss that you face. It can cause much more trouble and huge amount of monetary loss; better to have a penetration test done than face losses.

Smooth functioning:

These tests ensure smooth functioning of the business online. As the Hackers Locked professionals provide you a detailed report containing the findings and specified recommendations at the end of the test. Their penetration testing services give you smart solutions for identified vulnerabilities.


Now you know how this system works and the benefits of getting a penetration test done. If you are having any second thought or doubts about your web security better get it tested before it is too late.

Author Bio:Kasey Fox, the writer likes to bring forth the issues about hacking and the solutions presented by services like website penetration testing and website security check.

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