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What Do Small Businesses Cook on Social Media?

A recent survey conducted by a famous email marketing firm revealed an amazing fact- 43% of small businesses spend at least six hours of their weekly work schedule in using social media. Furthermore, 7 % of these businesses spend over 21 hours per week in using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The survey has drawn a clear picture of the social media effect on small business setups. Since last year, the number of small businesses having a social media presence has almost doubled. This indicates that small business owners have now become more aware about the significance of social media marketing and online presence.

Scanning through the facts again, you might feel that six hours is a real long time, especially for small businesses that are struggling with work load and have a lot to manage in a small time span. The survey doesn’t throw much light on what these businesses actually do in six or twenty-one hours, but there are definitely several interactive ways to spend the time fruitfully. If you have been lately spending considerable time on social media networks, and wondering what to do in order to make the most of your time, then here are a few things that small businesses ought to do to make their social networking worthwhile:

1# Building Relationships

It was surprising that this aspect was nowhere mentioned in the report, which either means that small businesses are not aware of it or they are treating social media as just another platform to spread their marketing message. As you work on social networks, always go by the 50/50 rule. As you share or post content- utilizes 50% of your own content and 50% of the user’s content. As you share user content, users will feel that you are concerned with whatever they do and they will start following you religiously. It shows that you are listening.

2# Responding to Comments and Questions

In a scenario where large organizations choose to ignore or sometimes even delete the questions and comments posted by users, answering to their questions will be a good idea. Questions and comments symbolize engagement on your user’s part. Answering them should be your top most priority.

3# Analyzing Efforts

Just answering questions and responding to posts is not that social media is all about. Analyzing your marketing efforts also holds the same importance. As you analyze your social media success, concentrate on the number of visitors that social media is driving to your website rather than concentrating on the number of likes or fans. You need to analyze how many leads you get from social media and how many of these leads are turning into real-time customers.

Social media has been the heart of the marketing strategies of various small business organizations. They help them reach out a wider customer base and connect with their audiences in person.

Author Bio:Steve Graham is an expert in Enterprise Java Development, who has been blogging on the niche for last 6 years. Currently, he is associated as a freelancer with a Java development firm that deals in Java development outsourcing.

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