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What are the Free Software for Your Web Hosting

With tremendous success of web marketing service, building website is not an uncommon prospect. The rate of building website is in high pitch. Most web developers and web designers are now way too busy for maintaining websites with exclusive numbers. Building up user friendly applications is the main priority for them, so that they can afford to manage their own websites. To have standardized package, one needs to pay substantial charge free on monthly basis. Most of the professional or premium web hosting packages comes with different pricing plans. Then it is about choosing either hosted or ready to use base or owning dedicated or VPS servers and hosting their websites by themselves.

Both these features have pros and cons. The first one will not require technical aspects but it will offer limited flexibility. You will not get chance of installing customized extensions in the server. For dedicated or VPS feature, it will perfect totally opposite. If you have decided working with the dedicated or VPS feature, and it is capable of working on multiple websites. There is a specialized control panel from which web hosting on multiple websites is possible. Once you will install, it will surely save bunch of time while developing websites, emails and databases. If you prefer installing your client’s website, then it will definitely provide you better options than the limited featured application for web hosting.

Web hosting is the most important aspect for developing and running websites. No one likes to experience slow service, and it can only happen when your chosen hosting service is non-professional. All professional web hosting companies try offering faster web hosting for their clients websites. However, there are some free control panels of web hosting from which you can easily manage server without being tech freak.

 1. Linux:

Linux is fully distributable, scriptable, and it is totally object based hosting platform that basically supports Lighttp or Apache, pure-ftpd, bind or djbdns. The hosting platform can enable the end user managing system with every little aspect of building a good web hosting feature for websites. It also offers a great system for the admin to work with the entire system comfortably.


VHCS has been written in Perl, PHP and C. The entire system will provide an excellent control over the dedicated server for each website, end users and resellers. VHCS application can easily communicate with the website’s database, DNS and web servers, email service, disk space or monitoring the traffic system and much more.

3. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is just another specialized control paneling system with multilingual function for doing multiple websites web hosting services. ISPConfig is capable of managing different hosting based services like web, DNS, database, FTP, statistics and email system. It can also provide adequate support for resellers, admins, and end users in different levels with easier configuration system for each of its service. This special web hosting application can enable of doing instant backup, and setting up the cron jobs, and many more.

4. OpenPanel:

OpenPanel has offered with simple and easier GUI system to control websites. It also offers an additional command for lining up the interface system. This web hosting application can work with Bind DNS, Apache2, Courier-IMAP, Postfix, PureFTPd, email, and AWStats.

5. SysCP:

This is quite easy of installing and using the control paneling system in order to offer the LAMP servers that support many common features like websites, FTP severs and email system. It also offers with third party options like Spam Assassin, backup and much more.

6. GNUPanel:

It is an automated application that is callable of building websites with PHP script. Admin can work easily with their websites along with databases, email or ftp accounts. Besides, it does offer an exclusive option which is to build the end user system, and offer password managing system to have better security system.

7. EHCP:

It a control panel from which websites can be built with the script of PHP with exclusive options like SSL, backup store of databases, installing application of script, and much more. It is also known for its Multilanguage option, and offered with four types of user level like reseller, server admin, and email user and domain admin.

Author Bio:- Web hosting is the core thing while developing a web and cannot be denied! The author of this post Leo Preston is a renowned expert on web technologies. She is a regular writer for various web platforms who provide ipage reviews to beginners.

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