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What are the Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Servers?

Web hosting is an important part of a website and one must choose a host carefully.  Shared servers were used years ago and were replaced because of certain disadvantages. Now, dedicated servers are quite popular and it is only because of the benefits associated with these kinds of servers that most websites have started using.  Shared web host servers are quite cheap to work with. There are certain limitations making them unsuitable for bigger websites. Dedicated servers certainly overcome the shortcomings of shared servers.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Have a glance at the benefits associated with dedicated server hosting services:

Nothing To Share

The biggest problem with shared servers is their lowered performance and it is because of sharing resources.  In dedicated servers, one does not have to share the resources with anyone. Processing power, storage unit and the whole memory will be available for the single site.

Reliable System

Unlike shared networks, one will not have to face problems such as system crashes and other issues arising in a shared hosting server. Dedicated servers seldom crash even with the high amount of traffic and are quite quick to respond. Altogether, it makes a website more reliable.


Shared servers make a website enjoy limited resources and one cannot add and install a special software or tool.  In such a case, dedicated server comes in quite handy, since it allows one to add as many tools and software as possible.

Unique IP Address

Having a unique IP address has its own advantages, but it is not available in a shared server. All the hosting sites share a common IP address in shared host servers. In dedicated servers, every website has a unique IP address of its own.

Secured Hosting

In the recent years, security has become a major concern for most website owners and in shared server, it becomes quite an uphill task to maintain security. While in a dedicated hosting server, you are the only one having a website, thus there will be no security issues and threats of sharing viruses. External firewall will allow one to have more security obviously.

More Space for Expansion

At one time or another, a website has to expand by requiring more bandwidth and space. Dedicated servers allow one to have more room and bandwidth. It will let a website grow and deal with heavy traffic. Higher bandwidth will also ensure greater speed and your visitors will not have to wait for too long for the site to open. Quick access is a sign of a well hosted, maintained and designed site.

Such benefits are the reasons why dedicated servers have gained such popularity and are more in use today.  A dedicated server with more reliability, security and resources is a better option for all the websites these days. Even though dedicated hosting server is a bit expensive, it will open new doors of expansion for those having troubles with a shared network.

Author Bio:- Steffany Kellam is graduated student from economic university. She has long experience in big web hosting (as the Swedish say webbhotell) company. She  writes Internet and technology related articles.

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