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What are Facebook Advanced Sharing Controls and How Do I Use Them?

One of the best ways to guard against fraud, phishing scams, and your boss finding out you were late this morning because you got drunk last night and sang karaoke in women’s underwear, is to take advantage of the sharing controls.

Facebook Settings

You can choose from three basic settings in the personal preferences section:

Public means that anyone anywhere at any time can look at anything on your Facebook page, pictures, wall comments, who your friends are, etc.

Friends of Friends is the second most open setting, and this gives access to the wide network of all of your friends than their friends (not your friends friends though).

Finally the most secure setting is just Friends. Here only your list of contacts can view your page. This is usually recommended if you are worried about privacy or phishing scams.

Customizing your share settings

Select the custom option from the “audience selector” and you can further define precisely who can and cannot view certain information, post on your wall, etc. After clicking audience selection you will see a tab for “specific people” on one of the drop down menus. From here you can list, from your friend list, who has access.

You can hide a post from specific people as well. Say you don’t want Suzy to know you and Mary don’t like her purse, or whatever. From the post screen you will see an options section. One of the options will be “Hide this from,” simply enter the specific name, or an entire friends list if you have different lists, and it will be hidden from them.

You can also choose an “only me” option. Only you will see the comment. Why? This is a great option for those with Alzheimer’s or multiple personalities.

To make content available only to a specific network, simply click the “make this visible to” section than choose the network. You have to have already set up different networks.

“Yeah but I don’t want them to know that I don’t want them to know what I posted.” Unfortunately Facebook isn’t exactly on super-spy CIA level as far as top secret messaging goes. They will see a “Custom” tag next to what they cannot see, indicating you have posted some horrible, horrible thing about the individual you’ve blocked… or maybe they won’t even notice.

Taking advantage of these custom settings is highly recommended. It is one of the best ways of guarding against the different kinds of spam, malware and phishing scams all over Facebook, and it also ensures your privacy. Outside of the actual scams out there, there are endless stories of individuals being fired because their boss didn’t like something they said on Facebook or a picture they posted (even if it was the weekend and they were just hanging out with friends). There have even been divorces from catching husband or wife making online hanky panky. So protect yourself on Facebook.

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