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What Apple’s iOS 5 Release Means for Android Tablets

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Unless you’ve been living under a tech-void rock the last couple days, you’ve probably heard that Apple has announced their new operating system upgrade. This new OS has a centralized notification center, better integrated Twitter functions, multi-tab internet browsing, etc. These are among many other attractive features which will roll out for iPods, iPhones and most importantly, iPad 2. So what does this mean for makers of Android Tablet PCs?

The market just got that much more competitive. One key advantage Android had held over Apple was the notification center type aggregation on their mobile devices, but alas with the new iOS 5, this has been levelled. Experts have predicted as tablet PCs grow in popularity, the prevalence of Android as opposed to Apple based operating systems will grow exponentially over the next five years. But in order for this to happen, Google will un-doubtfully need to keep on top of the cutting edge features, and maybe even introduce some “Mac Killers” of their own!

One key advantage is that Android provides more open source development and interconnectivity with other types of devices. This will make for large increases in widespread compatibility and application development, whereas Apple products thus far only seem to interact with well … you guessed it, other Apple products.

The Cloud. For those unfamiliar, “cloud” technology is the latest in data storage and sharing technology, enabling your music, documents, videos and photos to be stored virtually on a sever and accessible from anywhere, anytime and from all of your different devices. Each tablet PC maker or service provider will offer some form of Cloud feature in one way or another, and the accessibility and ease of use will become increasingly important as time goes on. How well Google, Apple, or anyone else can integrate your digital property within your life will be the deciding factor on which OS ultimately comes out in the lead.

Author Bio:- Kyle Gustin is a tablet PC enthusiast from Winnipeg, MB, Canada who owns and runs BuyTablets.ca, a dedicated tablet PC information source and buyers’ guide for fellow Canadians. He also runs TouchbookReview.net, an international resource for touchscreen netbook information and product resources.

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