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Your Website Stinks? Build a Website That Actually Drives Sales and Leads

Website that drives sales

The times when just having a website was enough are gone as the digital age is upon us. There are plenty of people who actually disregard a business if they do not have a website. Then there are others who look at a website as a representation of the quality of the company whether that is fair or not. These customers will view an old looking or buggy website and immediately look to do business with a similar company with a better website. Website design used to be quite costly but with all of the available website templates and freelance designers now it is as affordable as ever. Certain things need to be done if your website is to drive traffic, sales, and built your sales funnel. The following are just a few things to help boost sales as well as make your website look great to outside visitors.

Don’t Overload Media On Important Pages

Even with “the new and improved WiFi” that many cable companies are offering, many people have trouble loading certain pages or speed lags sporadically. For this reason it is important to not put too much media on a particular page as certain videos as well as pictures can cause a potential customer’s browser to freeze. Some people might visit the site when they have a better internet connection while many others will not return to the website at all.

Having a mobile friendly site is absolutely essential as this point in history. Mobile traffic seems to increase on a daily basis with millions of dollars in transactions happening daily from mobile devices. Optimizing for mobile will allow your business to broaden its reach as many people don’t even use desktops at this point. Something as simple as ordering a product with a few swipes of a smartphone screen is just too much to take for many people.

Checkout Should Be As Painless As Possible

Checkout first and foremost should be as secure as possible as one data breach can ruin quite a few customer relationships. The second most important factor is that checkout is as painless as possible. Some ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay are great examples of allowing return customers to be in and out of checkout fast. Not only should this process be fast but it should be simple as well. The process of people having to search for their cart or the checkout button can lose customers on a daily basis. Frequently people get frustrated and click off of a site if they cannot figure out how to checkout or if checkout is too lengthy. Buyer’s remorse can creep in even before a transaction is complete so time is of the essence. Having help with ecommerce order fulfillment can help streamline processes from ordering to shipping immensely. These companies will help with your checkout process as they have become a partner in your business endeavor.

The Written Copy Should Be Done By An Expert

Writing the copy of the website can be nearly as important as anything else. While the design and configuration of the site is important the copy gives the website meaning. If you are selling products on your site it is imperative that you optimize the product descriptions for SEO as well as bring in an expert copywriter. Product copywriters can put an immense amount of information into a small word count which is a customer’s dream when browsing an array of products.

The rest of the copy on the blog is important as well as trying to sell too much seems a bit pushy. If the copy on your website reads like a commercial then it should be changed. Informing customers of services/products can be a much better selling point than having them read pitch after pitch for each product/service. The best thing website copy can do is sell but after that there are a few other things it can do. Intriguing someone about a service can lead them to fill out a contact form thus starting someone off in your sales funnel. Educating is another thing that the copy should do as it is hard to convince someone they need your product if they aren’t exactly sure what it is or how it can benefit them.

Market Your Website and Build Search Engine Rankings

Having a well-designed website with a blog will help build search rankings for certain keywords. It is important to market offsite though as the search engines are the main way most people find businesses today. Depending on your industry, marketing your site could be one of the main costs that your business has. The decision then becomes whether to outsource this marketing or build a team in-house for this. Both have merit so it is important to know the benefits of both. Outsourcing marketing gives you a dedicated team with established contacts but some marketing companies do not deliver the results that they promise. Keeping marketing in-house gives the company complete control but hiring an effective team can be expensive without a guarantee of results.

Simply getting a website designed and letting it fall to ruin is a thing of the past. Some companies have contractors or outside companies manage their website so they do not have to worry about it if they do not have the required skills to maintain the site. Take pride in the website that you build and maintain as it is the first and possibly last thing a potential customer might see if it just plain stinks!

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  • jeng cua

    October 19, 2016, 7:05 pm

    Great post Bilal! I totally agreed with you that a website should be a mobile friendly site especially if you are running PPC traffic from Google as well as Facebook ads.

    A lot of online marketers nowadays only track 3 things such as traffic, users and revenue, but the most important aside from driving sales and leads is to know what happens in between – this involves Getting your customers, keeping your customers as well as growing your customers using the power of funnel hacking.

    All the best and I love your writing! Keep it up!


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