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Is Your Website Effective in Terms of The Following 4 Factors?

In today’s modern technology it’s important that every business has a functional website. Although they are easy to set up, the best websites require a small amount of effort to become truly effective. If you want people to be aware of you, your web presence needs to be the best it can be. Whether it’s adapting to traffic volumes, creating engaging content, registry escrow or constant security, all of these tips will ensure a better experience for you and your visitors.

Accommodate traffic volumes

Nobody likes waiting. When it comes to the internet, you need to accommodate future traffic. At first, a small service will do but you need to improve this as traffic volumes increase. If you’re already ahead of the curve, there is some breathing room for additional visitors. If you don’t, then everyone will get a slower, poorer experience when they visit your website as a result, potentially losing customers rather than gaining them.

Top level domains

Secondly, there are some domains that are more desirable than others. The .com domain, for instance, is globally recognized and is the one many will arguably look for first. These are called generic top level domains, or gTLDs, and, if you want to keep one, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN) has some legal requirements.

A key part of this is the Registry Data Agreement (RyDE). This agreement requires you to send daily amounts of WHOIS data into a secure account, of which NCC is an approved choice by ICAAN. This is simple to set up, but it is important if you wish to maintain the URL. If your website goes down because of this customers won’t be able to find you hurting your business.

Create content

For a top-quality website you need top-quality content. As well as the need for a superior-looking site using high-quality graphics, making use of SEO and the content on your site top notch is key. If your site has a blog with detailed and worthy information, your site will climb the ranks of Google making it more searchable and drive more viewers to your site. Good quality articles are also more likely to be shared and gain followers on social media. Make sure your content is engaging and relevant to draw interest in your product and site increasing your likelihood of Facebook likes and shares as well as Tweets on Twitter. In this day and age, social media is more important than ever to get your name and your product out there, so take advantage of this media as much as you can to get good word-of-mouth and access.

Stay secure

Similarly, security is another area which highly deserves your attention. If your website becomes compromised, then everyone who visits also runs the risk of catching the same infection. Likewise, if you’re taking sensitive data, such as customer information, you have a legal duty to provide a certain level of safety.

This is something that needs to be updated regularly, rather than a one-off purchase. For instance, early April unveiled a dangerous exploit in OpenSSL, an open-source protocol language used to encrypt data. There is a patch available, but if you’re not keeping up to date in security you may be unwillingly exposing yourself.

One way to combat this is to perform regular stress tests, as well as ensuring sensitive data is put into secure escrow or holding accounts to provide extra protection. Stress and performance tests will let you know how well your website is coping and identify which areas, if any, need immediate improvement.

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