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Does your Webhosting Company Provides the following 5 Extra Features?

Website hosting is a necessity for getting your website up and running. While web hosting may seem like a simple necessity, there are aspects of hosting that most do not take advantage of. Here are some tips on how to take additional website hosting capabilities and use them to your advantage for your website or business.

best webhosting tips

Easy Website Builders

Through each web hosting service, you will find a number of ways to build a website. From Weebly Drag and Drop Builder to WordPress to ShopSite Starter, you will find a number of different ways to bring together your new site. There are methods of building blogs, forums, and site dedicated completely to ecommerce. The website builder that you choose should be based on experience and how you can build your site with the tools that are offered. For instance, it may be possible to build a good shopping website through WordPress rather than ShopSite Starter. Drag and drop may require a few more skills than WordPress, though the themes available through WordPress can be difficult to duplicate elsewhere. A good blog can be constructed through Weebly if you are familiar with the process. Take the benefit of having a number of different building methods available to you. If you have the time, explore each option. You may find that the new building option that your webs hosting provider officers is easier than ever and the one that you wish to stick with.

Use Tech Support as Needed

Building a new website can be a frustrating experience if you are not a professional. Some new website owners have burned the midnight oil many nights in order to get coding and fixtures completed for their website. Instead of yelling at your computer screen for hours, contact tech support. Most web hosting sites have tech support with liberal hours. Tech support can get the answers you need quickly without you having to go out and do the research yourself. Tech support for most hosting providers can be reached through phone, emails or chats for your personal convenience.

Create Emails for Every Category

Some website hosts offer up to 100 different email addresses for your website. Many offer unlimited email addresses. Though you may be tempted to set up only me@mysite.com, take advantage of the ability to create different email addresses for anything that you may need. If you run a web store, create an email for customer service, a personal email for your own needs and outgoing mail, and an email for business partners to contact you with possible collaborations or to sell on your store. Having dedicated email addresses for every service that you offer will help to keep better track of business contacts. You can even use email forwarders to forward your emails from one to another.

If you do create several email categories, remember to attach the correct email address to the corresponding pages.  You don’t want to confuse your customers and yourself. A good word of advice for running different email addresses on the same website is to make a contact us page with a listing of the designated email addresses for each issue.

Toll Free Numbers

Along with email addresses, another part of making your business official is a dedicated phone line. While cellular phones or landlines can work for this particular purpose, a toll free number seems much more business like and legitimate to some customers. Several web site hosting providers offer inexpensive or free toll free services to their customers. Setting up a toll free line can be less expensive when connected to your hosting. Running a toll free number can even be simple operating as a one man show. If you wish to grow a business or company, consider taking advantage of toll free phone services.

Adwords Credits

Google Adword is one of the best options for advertising. Google brings in a hefty sum of money daily from advertising. Advertising based on keywords for a business is a simple and effective method for finding consumers. With Google Adwords, you can select your business category and what your business offers. When customers perform a search for something very similar to your product or service, you can pop up on the advertising results through Google. The untapped customer base that can be found through Google Adwords gives your business unlimited potential.

As competition, many hosting businesses offer their customers credits for Google Adwords. Being able to get started with less than 30 dollars of your own money and receive credit for Adwords is an advantage that should be taken seriously. Even if you are skeptical about Adwords working for you, use the free credits just to see how much traffic you get. Once you view your visitor’s stats with the Adwords campaign, you can make a decision on effectiveness.

Web Host Specials

Web host specials are something that you can take advantage of when choosing a website host. If you are looking for a new hosting service, take a look on Web Hosting Geeks. This website is number one with user reviews, having over 10,000 reviews for many different providers. Sometimes hosts offer specials for discounts on hosting plans, as well as specials on the above website options. Take advantage of any available specials offer by host. To decide on a host, take into account the profile of the website host service itself, along with its offerings, and the customer reviews that have been left.

Don’t take website hosting for granted. Find out just how many benefits your web hosting service offers and commit to taking advantage of them. These gestures of help from your hosting service can make a business skyrocket.

AR Michele is has been an enthusiastic nerd and tech writer for the past four years. When she started her first website she made sure to check out WebHostingGeeks.com so she could make an informed decision.

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