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Web Hosting Services for Effective Blog Marketing

Blogs are effective online portals that are good substitutes to websites. Hosting a website often seems critical for business marketing experts. For this reason they set up blogs that are free of cost. Even paid blogs are available for couple of pennies with advanced features. Many website hosting services are offering attractive packages to host casual and business blogs. The best blog hosting service helps bloggers to give their blogs with a look of professional websites. The most important advantage of hosting blogs is that bloggers get such visitors who can be converted into clients. Blogs having facility of web hosting attract visitors who are keen to subscribe or buy an online service. Blog hosting is an art to bring traffic and gain maximum clicks on its pages.

Top ten blog hosting services for bloggers:

Bloggers need a good medium to highlight them in front of maximum online visitors. For this reason, they can sign up free or paid blog hosting services. Following are 10 top web hosting services for bloggers:

1) Blogger.com: This is a free blog hosting service presented by Google. It is one of the easiest blog hosting service. One needs a Google account to sign up at Blogger.com. One can write interesting content and journals at Blogger.com. Many affiliates have signed up this service to advertise and promote their products. Features of this blog include customization of content and addition of images to a posting. Bloggers can add many other attractive features at their blogs at Blogger.com. They can add site stats counter and readers poll to trace the number of visitors at their blog.

2) Word Press: The blog hosting service of Word Press is the most popular among bloggers. It offers variety of themes to add in online postings. Every theme can be used for a set of different type of content. Take for example, blogs concerned with travel and holiday vacations can use themes having natural views like hills, rivers and beautiful landscapes. Blogs at Word Press also offer attractive applications of Plug ins. They host blogs with static web pages option. This option imparts a blog with the appearance of a website.

3) Hostgator: This is a leading service provider that hosts blogs. It has been hosting more than 500, 000 sites besides blogs. It provides 24/7 customers support to professional bloggers and website owners. Blogging professionals can enjoy an uptime guarantee of 99.9% in blog hosting services of Hostgator.

4) Godaddy: This service is well known for its added features of reliability and security. It offers favorite domain names to bloggers. It has been accredited by ICANN.

5) HostMonster: It is among top hosting services that can host a blog in a professional way. It has been providing website hosting services to bloggers since many years.

6) iPage: It is a low cost blog hosting service. Professional bloggers can get their blogs hosted at cheap rates at iPage.

7 ) Just Host: This blog hosting provider offers excellent support to bloggers through its online customer care. It is very reliable for hosting blogs.

8) In Motion: This hosting service provider offers value added features to blogs with 100% satisfaction to customers.

9) Site Ground: This is an excellent web service provider that hosts thousands of domains. Many domains in these series are of blogs.

10)  20Six Blog Hosting:This blog hosting service provides bloggers with facility to add favorite images and templates. It is a complete blog hosting service.

Summary: Hosting a blog is very helpful to promote an online business according to ethics of internet marketing. For this reason professional bloggers are choosing web hosting services to promote their blogs.

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