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Web Hosting – Price Versus Value

Before you can set up your new website, you’ll need to find a hosting provider that will house all your pages and data. Shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers are the three main types of hosting providers. You’ll definitely get what you pay for with each of these services, so it’s important for you to understand which features you really need. Check out this short guide to web hosting pricing and value.

Shared Hosting

Many new website owners and private bloggers initially choose shared hosting, as it is almost always the cheapest option available. With shared hosting, you’ll save money because your website is stored on the same server as many other websites. Though you might get less storage space and less bandwidth, a shared server will probably give you all the room you need if you’re running a new website. Additionally, the cost of managing the server is typically included with the hosting charges.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual private servers offer similar benefits to both shared hosting providers and dedicated servers. Though your site is still hosted on the same server as other websites, you’ll typically have more storage space and bandwidth than you would receive with a shared hosting company. Virtual private servers can also offer you greater control, giving you the flexibility to manage your own server. Expect to pay a moderate amount for a virtual private server, as you’ll receive more benefits than you would with shared hosting.

Dedicated Servers

Large companies and websites that attract numerous users often choose dedicated servers. With a dedicated server, you’ll receive more bandwidth and storage space, which amounts to quicker processing time for your visitors. You can usually pay the hosting company to manage your server for you, saving you additional maintenance fees. However, you can also have complete control over the server if you prefer to manage it yourself. While dedicated servers cost the most, they also give you the greatest flexibility. You can choose everything from the operating system to the security programs you’ll run on your server.

Choosing the Best Hosting Service for Your Website

No type of web hosting service is inherently more valuable than another, as each offers numerous benefits for the cost. Before you choose a hosting provider, it’s important to think about how many visitors you’re expecting each day. This will help you determine how much bandwidth and storage space you’ll need. Your budget will also determine what type of hosting service you can afford. Fortunately, there are cost-effective hosting services with great features available for all types of websites.

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